Wednesday, October 5, 2011

miters KAL

We are having a Miters KAL on the CPY Rav group!

Grand Prize: 3 balls of Aria Yarn (brand new, not yet available!! until December)

Additional prizes will be awarded depending on the number of finished projects. Limit of one prize per person.

Winner(s) will be determined by RNG.

Knitter’s choice of project using the mitered technique (mod has final say). Project must use a minimum of 200 yds (or roughly equal to one skein of mini mochi/sausalito).

Start Date: October 1, 2011
End Date: November 30, 2011

Prize drawings will be limited to participants who use Crystal Palace Yarns products.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where did September go????

These months are going by really fast. I did get 2 PAIR of socks done. Yes, Adrienne some people knit socks in pairs.

The first pair finished were a test knit for the same Adrienne. Send in the Clowns.

Scary Socks Croakers

Then I also test knit a baby blanket......This last the testing is not over yet so can not link to pattern page.

Kinda excited a few gifts crossed off the every growing list.

My Holiday(or not!) KAL project

My son needed a blanket so he could cover up while he is playing his Xbox. I decided that it needed to be made from Sausalito because it is sooooo soft. This KAL is going to be the kick in the pants that I need to hopefully get it done by Christmas for him!
This bit of cast on
Squares cast on
turns into these beautiful squares!
Fresh Herbs
French Roast
I am getting 4 squares and about half of another square from each ~200yd ball and have 2 balls each of 12 colors. Hopefully that will be enough but I think that I am going to need more yarn.
Started: 9-24-11
Finished: TBD
Pattern: Squares on the Roll by Frankie Brown
Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns Sausalito
Needles: 3.25mm

Monday, October 3, 2011

September Prime Time KAL

Good grief where has the time gone? So, kids have finally given me some free time to let me upload pics of my September projects. First is a test pattern knit of a hat for a local designer. It was my first time doing a test knit, and it was a lot of fun. I hope to do more. I think the pattern should be released within the next few weeks. The suggested yarn is a 100% merino superwash wool at 256yds/skein and I used about 65% of the skein, so approximately 175yds (I really need to get a scale). It's a worsted weight yarn, and I used 5mm needles. It's a quick knit, although I did have to concentrate to keep track of the lace and cables.

Second project is made out of Cascade Eco Duo yarn - SO SOFT, wow, this yarn is beautiful. I made the Burberry Inspired Cowl (free pattern on Ravelry) and this was a super quick knit.
This was my first time doing a provisional cast on for a cowl, and when I joined the two ends together I made the first section a little too tight (since I'm used to doing this for socks). So, the first bit of the seam has a ridge, but the remainder was done a little looser and is much nicer. I highly recommend this pattern, I completed this in two days. This is an aran weight yarn, but I wanted it looser and a bit bigger so I used the pattern's recommended needle size of 6mm. I used the full skein of Duo, so 197 yds.

On to October!!

Yikes! I almost forgot to post my projects for September. Finished a few pairs of socks this month but wanted to show off the Autumn Flowers Scarf made out of 243 yards of Mini Mochi in Strawberry Lime Rainbow and the Comfort Socks made from Panda Silk in Twilight (171 yards). The Comfort Socks are an easy knit, starting at the cuff, working a slip stitch heel flap and then knitting back and forth for several inches before rejoining to finish off the toe in the round. I wore them for two days straight after finishing!

The Autumn Flowers Scarf is my first crochet project in a while and its for my niece Cathy for Christmas. She picked out the yarn and the pattern and I really like how it turned out. The flowers sewn on the bottom really help the scarf lay flat. Yes! Another Christmas gift done!

ETA - labels!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


This is going to be a challenge. Started out ok.......with yarn I dyed at a class. Doesn't look to bad in the skein....but then.......

AKKKKKK.......looks like someone dined on fiesta ware and then threw it back up on my knitting. This photo doesn't begin to show how awful the colors really are. Unless the color pooling magically presents an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe or Christ on the Cross....I will be overdying. Since I have never done this...I am pleading with those having experience to message me with advice. I am not giving up.......

Based on the pattern: Tender Heart by Annie Lee
You can see more horrible photos on my rav page: Crazy Heart

Leafy Greens

(Lefty Likes Leafy Greens!!)

This is based on the Sun in Cold Water pattern, except I changed a few things:
  • Used a bulkier weight yarn: CPY Meringue in Aloe -- just over 4 balls -- 498 yards
  • Added an eyelet row on top to stop rolling -- not sure it worked really well.
  • skipped the chain cast on business
I used 10 1/2 needles.
final measurements are 65" by 15 inches -- soft blocked

Rav Page: Leafy Greens