Saturday, March 14, 2009

scarf "to be continued"...

I discovered another 45 gms of my hand spun Polwarth that I dyed using the same technique (splash and play with yellow and blue and swirl in the dye pot while poking with wooden spoon) and although it is a bit lighter in color, I think I will try and crochet and edging on the scarf to soften it a bit and make it large enough to wear without the jacket while in my bobbin lace class. Kind of like a very small shawl. I'll post final pic and yardage in a few days (I hope). I have no idea how much of the 225 yds I found it will take.

I'm still LOL about my crummy little scarf having been posted right after the spectacular Autumn in New York shawl. What was I thinking?!


Hi, here are my finished ufo's so far. CPY baby socks and Homespun purse. Owen love the socks but, he just wants to eat them. Thank you, for the wonderful pattern. And thanks Susan for the Olympic winnings! I so love the purse too. It was sitting around for at least three years and home moves! I love the contrasting handles too. It is perfect for my patterns and projects. I will be using it for a long time. Thanks for getting my ba-doobies in gear to do these things!
Toddler socks 25% done (basically co and ribbing was done)
CPY Panda Soy sock yarn in Cocoa Mint
first winnings Olympic KAL
Black purse 75% done (handles, lining, edging and tons of weaving in yuck)
Homespun yarn and made up in my head rectangle pattern
New project ??? 25% done, Regia socks (okay less than 25%, but started!)
P.S. what is the cut off date for the ufo KAL?

52 Week Challenge - Brenda (Owlsrook)

Completed Garter Rib Socks - Done in Trekking XXL Colour #172 - using 2.25 dpns. 346 yards.
I still have about 100 yards of this yarn left, so maybe some baby socks will be done with that later.

So my March completed projects to date:
Bluebell Rib Socks - 328 yards
Garter Stitch Rib Socks - 346 yards

On the Needles:
Nothing at the moment, so it's time to decide on a new project.

March 14/09

A pair of socks ready

Joy's socks were frogged and redone as I did not like the cable. They came ready on the 12th. I like how they turned out, and have another pair to cast on for her.
I used 340 yards of "Daffodil"to create this pair of socks.

Friday, March 13, 2009

handspun scarf finished

Fast and easy project. I weighed the scarf and it is exactly 60 gms; before starting weighed 5 yds and got 1 gm. So 300 yds total and had 29" of yarn left after casting off. Whew! That was a close one. :) Scarf not blocked in these pics, but you get the idea. This jacket I made years ago was brighter before wearing it here where everything fades quickly and used to make our peacocks do a double take when I wore it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

scarf break from sock knitting

I spun and dyed some Polwarth fleece last year and have just this one ball of it. I decided to take a break from socks and while looking for some handspun to knit the Maggie bag courtesy of Maz, found this yarn in my pile of fleece and decided it would make a nice scarf. Pattern is "Reclamation scarf" by Stefanie Japel. Next I'll finish the RRH 2nd sock and then do the Maggie bag with some alpaca I am spinning. At least that is the plan for now. Panda superwash grand prize yarn (Joyful) still on my mind...

52 Week Challange - Debbie (Grandma 07)

My Autumn in NY shawl is finished :) I ended up using just over 3 balls of Mini Mochi in Autumn Rainbow. I am having a lot of fun playing with this yarn in a variety of projects. This shawl is very soft and cozy and warm. Perfect for the return to winter we seem to be going through here.

March Starts

Thought I would post some starts for March. There are two sock of the month kits that got buried in my stash. I thought I would get them out and finish them up.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

52 Week Challenge - Brenda (Owlsrook)

Garter Stitch Rib Socks - In progress photo. I found a ball of Trekking XXL Colour #172 in my stash, and because of the darkish colour decided to do these in a simple garter rib pattern. Six inch Cuffs, just finished the heel on sock one, now doing gusset decreases. I am using Lantern Moon dpns in size 2.25mm, using 64 stitches.

March 10/09

Monday, March 9, 2009

52 Week Challenge - Brenda (Owlsrook)

Completed Bluebell Rib Socks - 328 yards of Paton Stretch Yarn, using 2.25mm dpns. These knit up pretty quickly, because this is such an easy pattern repeat. Wasn't sure I was going to get enough yardage to count, but ended up just squeeking in at 328 yards.

So March Stats to date:
Bluebell Rib Socks - Completed 328 yards.

Now on to something new.

March 9/09

UFO = FO: Sock Yarn Blanket is done

Yesterday I finished the sock yarn blanket. I am glad though as it began to weigh heavily on the hands. Stats: On Jan 1st I had 38 cm done (= 18%) and yesterday I finished at a heighth of 2.00 meter (82% done during the KAL) More than 4000 meters of sock yarn is used to create this blanket. 500 sts were on the circular. 1 circular needle broke.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

52 week challenge March, vol1, progress and finished object

Begun yesterday, finished today: an all purpose "Maggie Bag".
200m Aran weight homespun dark grey, 200m cobweb silk multigreen, knit together: 218 yds. some more to go.