Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic KAL

Here is the start of my Olympic KAL, It looks like a scarf now, but it is going to be a sock. The yarn is the CPY Maizy I won during the last Tour de France contest.

Olympic project

I'm knitting a pair of socks using left over yarn and intarsia. Here's my kit and inspiration.

The socks have about 4" knit. Pictures soon.

Olympics cast on Titania scarf

Just started, last night was a big parade night here in New Orleans!!

Olympic KAL cast-on!

I cast on The Cable Sampler Scarf (from one of Debbie Macomber's books) last night during the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.

This afternoon I am watching the Olympics and continuing to make progress on this scarf.

I am planning on changing colors as the cable patterns change. I hope my yarn yardage for each color holds out for this plan! I am using the yarn leftover from my fair isle vest.


Yay Olympics!

I've cast on my scarf! It's using three skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy (147 yds), though frankly I'm worried the white might only be a partial skein. Still, that'll put me over 300 yards easily.  The pattern is The Go-To Scarf.  It'll qualify for Team Spirit, Ice Hockey, and Ski Jump.

Olympic KAL cast on

Muir Woods

Here is the re-start of my project.
Muir Woods (using 88sts)
Woolly Boully 100% Superwash Merino in Nymph Wood
Start: 2/12/10

Thank you - 52 Week KAL 2009 - Gift

Just received my gift from Laura for the 52 Week KAL 2009 - beautiful red & gold stitch markers. Thank you so much, they are really pretty and will be used often.

Brenda in Alberta
Owlsrook on Ravelry

Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic starts!

I will be making a sock bag for feburary 12/12/12 and a pair of socks in either Canadian colors or a wild Jamacia color! Have a happy Olympic Opening Ceremony. And prayers for the luge player, his family and friends.

Feb project

STR marbles

These are socks for me. I thought that I would try to knock out my Feb project before the Olympic KAL starts!

Socks that Rock MW Marbles
64st Vanilla socks w/8" cuff
start: Feb 7

I also got a picture of my prize yarn from the Holiday or Not KAL and the project I made.
CPY Aran Marl
Aran Marl neck warmer

CPY Aran Marl 3010
Tuesday Night Cowl
start/finish : Jan 22

I loved knitting with this yarn! It is so soft and squooshy. I want to thank Susan again for being so incredibly generous.

Project #4

Cast on 30 Jan 2010
Fin: 11 Feb 2010
Yarn: Regia in Jaffa colourway
Needles: 2.25mm
Mods: Tabi Toes
The photo on the right shows the colour accurately..finally!
Thank you Adrienne, these were a delight to knit, and will be a huge pride to wear!

olympics KAL!

to celebrate the winter olympics, we are having an olympics sock/scarf/shawlette kal. cast on at the start of the opening ceremony (february 12th) and finish by the end of the closing ceremony (february 28th). declare a country and pick an event or two! then decide if you want to make a pair of socks, a scarf, shawl or shawlette!

the events:
  • olympic spirit: any project knit with crystal palace yarns
  • team spirit: knit in declared country's colors
  • freestyle skiing: your new design in cpy
  • alpine skiing: cables
  • bobsled: color work
  • figure skating: lace
  • ice dancing: beads
  • ice hockey: textured/ribbing
  • nordic combined: 2 or more pattern stitches (ie, lace and cables)
  • ski jump: stripes
  • speed skating: plain vanilla (stockinette or garter stitch)
prize winners will be selected by random drawing from all finishers. special drawing for projects using crystal palace yarn. limit of one prize per person.

a picture of the project in progress and finished must be posted to the blog by march 2nd to qualify for the prize drawings.

minimum yardage requirement: 300 yds for knitted project/500 yds for crocheted projects.

so, who wants to play? leave a comment on this post!


bonus for 12m/12p/12 boy kal'ers: if you knit your project with crystal palace yarns, you can earn cpy project credit. although you will still need a different project for february credit.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

February Project update

It is suppose to get really cold and snow here tomorrow. So I thought I'd knit something quick and warm to have when the snow hits. Just for reference, I live in Mississippi!!!! Anyhoo, I have this Brushed Alpaca yarn which I've had for years and didn't know what to do with it. So I decided to make a cowl in a 4x2 pattern so that I can be finished before my Olympic Knitting began. I didn't quite make it as I am only about 75% of the way through it. I might be able to finish tomorrow. I hope so.

February Progress

Here's a picture of my Feb Project in progress. I am doing the Citron Shawl in Zauberball. I started the multidirectional Scarf, but didn't like the result, so frogged it and decided on this. I have come to the conclusion that unless I'm knitting socks, I am not a huge fan of knitting with fingering weight. Maybe because socks are such a tight weave it hides my uneven knitting? Anyway, I think I will try that scarf again, but with a worsted or aran weight.

I am hoping I finish this shawl for February. I was doing a test knit (the one I steeked) but I wasn't sure if I could use it as an FO since it's not a published pattern (yet). I'd love to show it off though, so if you feel so inclined, you can visit it here

Jill (jaerrt on ravelry)

Magnificant Mittens

This is another February FO. They are a gift for my daughter in law.

The yarn is a mystery wool inherited from my mother. The lining is cashmere from a cone my LYS owner had. I used clear glass #6 beads. Now to make some for me. The ones I have are growing holes.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb socks finished + Olympic project

I finished the 2nd Rainbow CPY bamboo cotton sock last night. My most fav socks ever for fit, softness of the yarn and enjoyment knitting. Adrienne Fong's pattern. Wonderful combo of the pattern and yarn. I've already decided to make many socks in this yarn when I can get some sent to me. :) Taking a break from the other pair of Rainbows in the Amerika yarn for the Olympics KAL.
I'm showing a pic I just took of my Olympics project. The restraint and discipline needed not to begin early has caused a lot of "reward" chocolate to be consumed. I took an insert from Fred's suitcase and have had this "package" on our sofa table ready to go and not get "lost in a safe place" which can happen around here more than I'd like to admit.
The afghan shown is one I knit for our anniversary a couple of years ago. It still hasn't been blocked since Fred loves using it so much. I DID take off as many corgi hairs as I could in honor of the pic, really! Our own Dr. Laura designed it and it is one of my most favorite knitted projects.
When it gets a bath and is blocked, I will show it with another finished project.
Happy knitting up there from way down under here at the peacock palace in paradise

Another February project

I've been knitting on a pair of Magnificent Mittens from Anna Zilboorg's book. I've had a pair so long they grew holes. My Dil wanted a pair. These are for her.

I've been on a beading kick recently. The beads on the hand are #6 clear beads. The yarn is a mystery yarn I inherited from my mother. The whole mitten looks like this. I'm lining them in cashmere.

The second mitten is finished. I'm working on the lining. I'll take a picture of both mittens before I put the lining in.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 12/12/12 in-progress socks

Wow, I almost forgot to take an in-progress photo. These are the Paw Tracks socks (Rav) by Gwen Horn. They are toe-up and work up quickly. I'm known for being slow, not because I knit slowly, but because I get bored and put it down for something else. That hasn't happened with these socks. The yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Solo colorway 5202. I like the yarn, the colorway is pretty and it seems durable. I have petted softer sock yarns but this isn't scratchy, just not super duper soft.

knitting potato chips

i think i am ready for a different project now; although it sure would be nice in neptune or jungle...

in the land of oz
mini solid (deep loden) & mini mochi (lake trail)

presto! baby hat
mini mochi intense rainbow

i modified them to be preemie size and added the bellybutton icord top! it only took 9 gms to knit one of these. aren't they the cutest things!

still pondering my olympics kal project...what to knit?! what to knit?! it's almost friday!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!

Thank you Dr Laura

A little gift arrived in my mailbox today. Thank you Dr Laura!

Monday, February 8, 2010

12m/12p/12boy - February- Brenda (Owlsrook)

February - In progress photo - Socks in Panda Wool - I am doing a Sockamaniac Group Mystery Sock pattern from 2008. Also working on my pattern design for the Olympic. I hope to have this pair of socks finished before the 12th and the start of the Olympic KAL.

Brenda in Alberta
Owlsrook on Ravelry

Finished: Hanauma Bay!

These don't count for anything since I started them on 12/28, but since the pattern was written by Adrienne Fong I figured I'd post them up!

I did them two at a time on a size 1 circular with Universal Yarn Ditto. Which as you can see turns out like crap with this pattern because the stripes are only like two rows long. But it's still interesting to look at, and my MIL should like them alright. :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Finished Baby Jacket

Here are the final pics of February's 12m/12p/12boy challenge. I made this for my granddaughter who is due next month. It it suppose to be the 6-9 month size. I think it look bigger than that. I think this would fit a 12-24 month baby. Anyway, it still looks cute.

My valentine scarf done

Here's my Valentine scarf, done in 2 skeins of Panda Silk. I used it all but a few yards.

Aran Print Eyelet Knit Scarf

I have started my second project for February. I found the Aran Print Eyelet Knit Scarf pattern on the website and liked the looks of it. I am using Crystal Palace Aran Print in the Birch Bark color. It is knitting up quickly and I think is going to come out very well.

Birthday Cowl - Finished

I have finished the Birthday Cowl pattern for my swap group and am very happy with the results. The pattern is a super easy knit. I used about 200 yards of Cascade Soft Spun for this in a nice cloud blue color. Finished size is about 9" x 21". This yarn is incredibly soft and reminded me of Malabrigo. I am hoping my swap partner will like it as much as I do! I had never made a cowl before and really like them now.

Finished February project

The answer:

and the proud owner:

483 meters went into this sweater. I like the result a lot!