Friday, July 8, 2011

True Colors -- *Isla Vista Shawl*

I finally got a **decent** photo of my July wip - Isla Vista Shawl in minimochi -- Spice Market. Thought it was worth posting....the colors are really great.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jasmine scarf in Tapestry Mini Mochi started

4 lace repeats so far on this CPY KAL Jasmine scarf. After a rocky start flubbing the picot CO several times, I decided to omit that part and move on. Loving using this MM as usual and Adrienne's pattern is tricky enough to keep my interest, but not too hard which is a great combination. Very well written and clever design (as usual for our leader). :)

I have 35 gms left of this color and 15 gms of others I will try add in a subtle manner. Wish me luck! LOL

Isla Vista Shawl

This is the lovely yarn (thank you again!)
This is the beginning of the Shawl. I am calling it Isla Vista -- It is a mix of some of my favorites: the boat shape of the Saroyan (only I think mine will be larger)....the garter stitch body like the hitch hiker...and a border that I dug out of a stitch pattern book that I have been admiring. The lace pattern reminds me of waves on the shore....and I guess that I imagine this project will look like a garter stitch island rising out of the surf. I grew up in Santa Barbara, looking out at the Channel Islands. The photos below do not do the yarn justice...colors are most like the "Stash" photo above.
(Below -- yes....I had to rip back some after discovering a slipped stitch a few rows back that just wouldn't fix.)

Detail below is really a spicy cumin color----not gray!

Ravelry site: Isla Vista

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July socks - Prime Time

Het lijkt wel of er geen eind aan komt - Wietse tobt nog steeds met zijn gezondheid, en er komt weinig uit mijn vingers. Toch een paar sokken af - de sokken gaan naar Marianne - want beloofd is beloofd! Gebruikt garen: Scheepjes Invicta Colour - patroon is een verzinsel van mijzelf

Gee.... seems the misery with Wietse's health keeps on going and going. It is eating time and energy! But I managed to get a pair of socks off the needles. Made out of Scheepjes Invicta Colour. 330 meters were used, and they are going to Marianne, as I promised her a pair.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Prime Time July - son's socks

Another pair of socks, 388yds of Knit Picks Essential in Turtle Multi.
The pattern is my design. The excessive pooling on the one foot will be hidden in his shoes.

Jasmine Lace

I posted on the official site....but just wanted to thank Adrienne for such a fun and well written pattern.

rav site: Jasmine Tide

2nd July Prime Time KAL entry--croc scarf

The alligator scarf (croc scarf) was a big hit so much so that Fred even kept it on when we got home from the surprise party. Everyone loved it and some thought I should go into business making them. I tried to explain about a labor of love and how this is the one and only I'm knitting. The old fogies all wanted one. Nope...

The Chinese Army hat was a gift from a friend who flew from China where he was teaching pilots to fly the AirBus. The crocodile green birthday crown rubber band broke and the red star held it in place. Quite the ensemble, eh? LOL Morehouse Farm pattern and 2 skeins of yarn came with the kit. The scarf blocked is about 76" long. More details about it on my Rav project page. Well over the minimum yardage per project.

We had 4th of July decorations and a sausage (Aussies don't have hot dogs) BBQ at the hangar.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sausalito Scarf

I posted this on the official site but wanted to show how pretty the Sausalito Fall Herbs colors are going to look in this scarf. I did add a few rows of garter stitch and I am considering adding some beads at both ends.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wiki Waki Woo

First off, this project will not count but wanted to post it anyways. I did not take a progress picture. I seem to get so involved in knitting I do forget that many times.
I was lucky to get to test knit this shawl. I made it in Panda Silk DK. So love how it turned out.

Then I did remember to take a progress picture. Here is the start of Wiki Waki Woo. A pattern by Adrienne.

This pair will be put back for Christmas. I have one gift done. YIPPEEE

Under the Wire June Prime Time Post!

Hey all - I'm enjoying a gorgeous (not too hot) Sunday here in Michigan. I managed to finish up a few things in June. Wanted to share my North Dakota Magic Mystery Dog socks made out of Merino 5. Used just over 3 balls and made these for my dad's birthday. I adjusted the size a bit for his thin legs and made them very long. Also, I worked the symbols down the instep. I finished a few other gifts as well, but wanted to share my progress on the Maiden Shawl in Panda Silk. I'm really hoping this blocks larger so that I don't end up with a dresser scarf. But, I do love the stitch definition.

And I received some lovely Sausalito in French Roast for the surprise Prime Time Drawing - plus a US 8, 16" circular CPY bamboo needle! I really like the joins on these.