Saturday, November 26, 2011

Prime Time and Holidays

Prime Time November

I finished the leg warmers for my daughter.When she asked what I was knitting I told her it was a nose warmer for an elephant.

Pattern: Leg warmers from The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville
Yarn: Plymouth Encore Prints - 2 balls - 400 yds
Needles: US #8
Finished November 25, 2011

Holiday KAL

I may not have posted a progress photo for this one.

Pattern: Hypnosis by Janel Laidman from her Ecletic Sole book
Yarn: CPY Panda Cotton
Needles: US #1-2.25mm
Finished: November 24. 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Holiday KAL 4

A scarf for my granddaughter. She wanted a l-o-n-g scarf, and this came in at over 7 feet.

The yarn is Jo-Ann's Multi-Casual Boucle, and the scarf used 1.6 skeins - 315 yards.
Needles: US 10/

November Prime Time

Tour de Sock which began Oct. 1 is now complete for me. For my final pair I chose the Panda Silk in Pewter that arrived for me as a previous CPY prize.

These required all but 6 grams of the 2 balls so nearly 400 yards - on 0s and 00s, no less, except for the cables on the cuff. I really had to pace myself and add in generous amounts of Aspercreme and ibuprofen!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday KAL 4

Love this pattern and yarn. Bamboo Forest by our own Adrienne :) This will be a "go to" pattern and I plan to C O for another pair as soon as my T-giving houseguest leaves.

November 2011 Primetime

I wanted some textured socks, and as the colour of the yarn reminded me of huckleberry jam, I found a stitch pattern in the Japanese stitch pattern book 250 which was perfect. Voila! socks!

Yarn: some bare fingering I dyed with Wilton's Food Paste
Yardage: 75 grams/327 yards
Needles: 2.25mm

Sunday, November 20, 2011

cables & bobbles

A little bit of fun to give away.....

First is Cabled Mitties made out of Universal Yarn Classic LP in Black Heather aboutfun to give away.
I made these a little longer...increased by 1 cable twist before starting the thumb gusset.
Knit November 18th & 19th
Used 70 g for 92 yards.
Size 9.5 needles
Rav site: Cabled mitts

Next is Cabled Mitties made out of Forest Greener's hand dyed Iceland Bulky in about
I made these pretty much according to the pattern.
Knit November 13 & 14th
Knit November 18th & 19th
Used about 45g for 68 yards.
Size 10 needles
Rav Site: mitties

Finally, a little hat to use up the rest of the Universal Yarn!
Used 40g -- 44 yds yards of loops & threads Charisma in Black, and remaining 30 g -- 40 yards of the Universal Yarn Classic LP ( (total of 84 yds)
Needles: Size 10
knit on November 19th ( long car ride!!)


Here's my Nov. prime time entry. I was teaching a sock knitting class and this is my version of the class pattern. Knitpicks sock yarn ("Essential") dyed with koolaid and food coloring. Started just before the class around September 24th, Knit just slightly ahead of each class section and both done just after end of class on November 13th. Used US 1½ (2.5 mm) needles, sometimes dpns, sometimes circs.