Saturday, May 29, 2010

finished project for May

Just finished these.. they are the SKA Mystery Sock by Cookie A.

sox on the beach!

hey, angie-girl! i have a pair just like yours! LOL! except mine are only 77 stitches!

Friday, May 28, 2010

12m/12p/12boy More socks!

Another pair of socks I first knit in bare yarn, then over dyed. The yarn is Elann Sockittome in bare, needles 2.25mm, dyed with Wilton's Food Paste in Violet.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

May's FO

It's been another crazy month in Kadezmomland. Here's two scarves I've made this month. The striped one has 254 yards and the second is 270, totalling 534 yards of yarn...I love seeing everyone's fo's, even when I don't have time to comment! :D

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

12m/12p/12boy - May Completed- Brenda (Owlsrook)

May Project completed - Painted Pleats Scarf done in Mini Mochi Colour #105, Tapestry Rainbow. I had 1.2 yards of yarn left out of two 50 gram balls of Mini Mochie. Scarf after blocking measures 63 inches long and 8.25 inches wide. There are 33 repeats of the pattern done on size 3.5 mm circular needle.
Total Yards = 388.8

Brenda in Alberta
Owlsrook on Ravelry

May Finished!

The Sox on the Beach are finished!
Sox on the Beach finished

I love these! They were supposed to be a gift but I can't part with them. ;)

Started: May 5
Finished: May 22 (had to wait for another skein of yarn)
Yarn: Berroco Sox
Pattern: Sox on the Beach by Adrienne
Mods: 88sts at 11 sts/in (cuz I am a little insane!)

Now--what to do for June...?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Wow.... sounds like a lot of us are in the same boat. I started the month with some entrelac socks and then decided I wanted to make the Montana socks from the 50/50 CD.... then I decided I wouldn't be able to finish them in time.... in the meantime, I started a scarf for a friend this month as a thank you and decided to concentrate on the scarf. But the yardage is a little short so I am also making some baby socks for a shower I'm going to in June.
The scarf is knitted with Echo ribbon and size 10 needles. The baby socks are Sirdar Snuggly Magic yarn and size 3 needles. I've got lots of knitting to do and I've already told my husband I'm taking the weekend housework. Just knitting! :)

May Start and Finish

Second try for a May project. First was for a MMario knit, which has now been frogged. Did not mean to do socks two months in a row, but I can use them. Since surgery, my socks do not fit one foot, so I've been wearing one of my socks and one of husband's. Didn't matter so much till warm weather, but it sure is obvious when one is wearing sandals. So far, when people comment, I just look down, smile, and say, "You know, I have another pair just like this at home." But it will be nice to have the choice of matching socks if desired.
Anyway, these were on size 0 needles with Hot Socks Sockenwolle, color 232. Oddly enough, the color repeat is almost exactly the same as the Kroy from last month. Meanwhile, the MMario project is back on needles with a different yarn and a better understanding of the pattern. Maybe for next month . . .

Monday, May 24, 2010

socks for May + gift started

Fred was walking out the door and I realized he was wearing the David's socks and I hadn't posted them yet for May. I had 33 gms left from the 6 oz Unique Sheep foot prints in sport wt yarn. I've been working on several gift projects and hope to post them in June. One is a hat using alpaca from a friend's farm for a friend who lost all his hair to chemo recently. It is the Jacques Cousteau hat found on ravelry. Here is a start for Andrew's hat. I will take a pic of him wearing it (soon, I hope). I have 6" of the 8" knit before the decreases. Fred has already told me he'd like one, too. :)

Another May WIP

I cast on yesterday for another project:
Kristi socks in Panda Superwash 'Berry Compote.'

I'd better get knitting if I plan to finish a project this month.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Projects

I finished 2 shawls this month and finally finished a pair of socks. With a few more days in the month who knows what else I can finish. The first one is Ishbel by Ysolda Teague. I used Liberty Yarns Bluetopia, the colorway is Istambul, The little picture is more accurate in color. I used a size 5 needle. I this was one project that I didn't know what it looked like till it was blocked. Yarn purchased at Sock Summit

The next shawl is Multnomah by Kate Flagg I started this on the plane to Vegas and worked on it when I would run short of cash for the slot machines, waiting for a show to start or when every I had a little time to kill.  A great easy knit. The yarn is from Huckleberry Knits Willow BFL, colorway Winesap, needle size 3.  Another yarn that I got a Sock Summit. I'm finally using some of them.
The sock where a pair that I had been working on forever don't have a WIP picture so it won't count. Can't wait to see what I get done for June.