Saturday, November 13, 2010

My blue babies

I forgot to post these for Oct. This first one every time I took a pic of it the color seemed different. This was a KAL 22 leaves shawl. Once a certain amount of knitters were done with the clue the next one came out. This shawl had 2 different endings. I chose the crocheted bind off as I had not done that on a shawl yet.

The finished shawl. I do like this. First time playing with wollmiese.
I also test knitted a shawl. This one also could be blocked out to the ends different ways. I decided to do point, but may block it out to be scallops. I used Dream in Color Knitosophy for this one. We did not know the name for a week after we were done. Here is Damask Shawl.

Friday, November 12, 2010


has finally caught up!

i have updated all the october and november projects up to this point. if you are missing your "O," please let me know.

the holiday projects are also up to date. if there is no number in your holiday kal post, it was not counted (needs minimum yardage!).

WOW! with only 2 months left, there are 17 of you still going strong! truly amazing. i completely flaked! LOL!

My 11th entry to the 12/12/12

Okay, that would have been cooler had I saved it for *next* month, but since I don't trust my memory….. Here's yet another pair of slipper boots. This is a folded cuff pair using 750 yds of knitpicks something yarn, again doubled. Yes, it's the same yarn with pics taken from the ever lovely camera phone. If anyone happens to know who ran off with the cord to my camera, I'd love to know where it went. Okay, I know the last person to touch it, but they claim innocence. (shocker!) However, isn't it amazing what a third light source will do? At any rate, otn is a shell top for me……which I hope you'll be seeing this year! I have *another* pair of slipper boots to make, but I'm taking a few days off. This pattern is starting to grind on my nerves a bit. Now, the question is "will Shelly actually have something to submit to the holiday kal?" -chuckles-

Hope everyone is well!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Progress pics

First a holiday gift. It's finished, but needs a partner for enough yardage, so I'll show it again later. It's #28 in our family series. Each stocking is different, but follows the same basic design. About 200 yds of worsted weight acrylic were used.

Socks in progress
SKA Mystery Sock - I'm knitting one at a time, because of other commitments. Yarn is Hand Maiden Casbah, and the designer is Lisa Stichweh.

Second sock is from the Ram Club, called Alpine Hiker designed by Charles Voth. As the club implies, the yarn came with the pattern. It is from the Unique Sheep. I had to reknit the foot, because it was too small, but this try fits. They're for DH.

12/12/12 November Project Finished

I finished the husband's cabled socks yesterday and he wore them to work this morning! It is nice to be appreciated! :D
Rattlesnake Creek socks finished
Started: 11-5-10
Finished: 11-10-10
Pattern: Rattlesnake Creek Socks
Yarn: Fiesta Boomerang(used most of 2 hanks)
Needles: 2.75mm

Now to start more Holiday projects!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2 more in progress pics for gifts

"Love washcloth" by Heather Mountain, free on Ravelry. I added 10 stitches to the pattern so I could have a 5 stitch seed border on both sides and added 5 rows bottom and top in seed stitch. 3.5mm needle in 8 ply cotton from Bendigo.

"Knitted Apple Cloth" by Rhonda K. White (also free on rav) in 10 ply cotton with 3.75mm needles.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lily (part of future gift category entry)

Pattern is "Muguets (Lily) Dishcloth" by Danielle Cote available free on Ravelry. I made 5 repeats to make it more of a square. Loved making this pattern which is fast and easy. I started it last night and finished it about noon today and realized I had not taken a progress pic to post yet, hence the binding off photo. I will add it to the group of blocked cloths when I make the final entry. Definitely making more of this one for gifts. 8 ply cotton from Bendigo Mills here in Oz using 3.5mm needles.

November Project Started

These are socks for the husband. I think that I lucked out since he likes stripes and wild colors!
Rattlesnake Creek
Started: 11-5-10
Pattern: Rattlesnake Creek Socks
Yarn: Fiesta Boomerang Camo Man (2 hanks)
Needles: 2.75mm

Sunday, November 7, 2010

holiday gift entry progress :)

Both patterns from knitwits heaven and took less than a day from casting on. I finished the house last night and cast on for the peacock and finished all but the binding off this evening. I forgot to take a progress pic, so didn't bind off. Better pics when blocked. I think I will use a smaller needle for the next peacock. 8 ply cotton for the peacock using 3.5mm needles that I used for the daffodil. 10 ply cotton for the house. 4mm needles. Will make a yellow house soon and a blue peacock.