Saturday, February 21, 2009

52 week challenge - another FO

I'm working on a shawl for Oasis yarns, so progress on other things is slow. I finished another pair of socks. The pattern is Marian by Monkey Toes. I had a number of issues with this poorly written pattern. Since the designer has died, there was no help there. Yarn is Kroy 4 ply sock yarn in Crayon Jacquard color. About 350 yds used. (all the yarn)

I've started another pair of socks in Aussi Sock. Color Spanish Fiesta. These will be entrelac, A Step Above by Kathleen Power Johnson, published in Knitter's.

scarf finished!

I finished my February project for the 52 week challenge!

02.21.09 003

This is actually a better picture that I took when the scarf was almost done:
02.17.09 002

Pattern: Inner Truth Cables Scarf
Knit on US 10 Knit Picks circular needles
Yarn: Bamboozle
Colorway: Faded Jeans
Cast on: 1/30/09
Finished: 2/19/09
Finished length: approx. 66"
Yardage: 400 yards (maybe a little more); used about 4.5 skeins of Bamboozle


52 Week Challenge - Brenda (Owlsrook)

Completed "Socks of Hideousness" - 370 yards, Knit Picks Essential Multi - Blue Violet Colorway.

February Completed Projects so Far:

Openwork Rib Socks - Completed & Posted - Feb. 6/09
Socks of Hideousness - Completed & Posted - Feb.21/09

Still on the Needles:

Mock Cable Wristers - One completed, second one in progress
Wool Peddler's Shawl - About 1/3 left to complete.

Brenda, Feb.21/09


I started this on December 25, two days after I had cataract surgery. I had to have my sister write out the pattern for me because I couldn't see to read. She put it on an index card in about 1/2" block letters. Thank you!

My daughter had wanted a scarf and she raided my stash. She found this Knitpicks Bare, fingering weight (440 yards . . . she wanted a hat too but there isn't enough yarn left to make her one). I told her she would have to wind another skein. I have to say that while it doesn't look like too much, this baby sucked up yarn. This pattern is from One Skein Wonders: Razor Shell Lace Scarf. The pattern is relatively easy but I have to say it is surprising how easy it is to lose track of the pattern. Duh.

This was the progress from December 25 to January 26. As of January 1, I had only 1/16th of this thing done and was ready to call it a day. But then I had eye surgery on January 6th and it all became clear . . . LOL!!!
I finished it last night (February 20) and it has been blocked and is hanging in the only warm place in my house (the kitchen). I had it on the floor but my 8 year old kept walking on it.

I have already broken out some other yarn to use this pattern and make it into a shawl for me for my niece's wedding.

Friday, February 20, 2009

52 week challenge

I have some mini mochi and I wanted to knit some socks. I love the colors in the ball. But even with the long color repeats, I still don't like stripes too much. I played around with some patterns. Then I came across an ornate geometric design, but that was too busy for this yarn. Simpler is better, and here is the result. A hexagonal motif sock with fairly thin seams. Maybe call it 'Kaleidoscope Socks'. Looks funy flat, but fits nicely. I'll unravel the plain sock to make the second one.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

52 week project update

...the mitten for a swap that I am participating in. Not entirely done yet, but it will be today for sure. I can start the second with a little luck soon enough.

52 week and UFO KAL question

Hi everyone. I would like to know if anyone knows of any NASCAR inspired projects for men and women. I love, love, love it. Go Matt and Mark. I get more knitting time while I watch too. I did find a dishcloth named after DW but nothing else. I would appreciate the help!

Progress Pictures

This week, I continue to work on the sweater for dd2. That brown blob is a sample sock for DH. He wears a 7.5 WIDE due to the highest arch I've ever seen on a human foot. He complains that his feet are cold, but doesn't want handmade socks stating they will be too thick. The socks he already wears are thicker than the ones I make, but we'll see. At least he'll have to come up with a new excuse like, "I don't like wearing handmade things."

I can live with the truth, not the excuses!!!!

I couldn't resist the Autumn Rainbow colorway of the Mini Mochi when my LYS got their new shipment in last week. Love this yarn!! This shawl pattern is called Autumn in New York by Bad Cat Designs. I haven't knit a lace shawl with sock weight yarn before, but it's sure easier to keep track of than lace weight yarn :) My Feb project is already finished, but I just couldn't resist casting this on. This second photo shows the details a bit better.

52 Week Challenge - Brenda (Owlsrook)

Here are my in progress pictures of two more items on the needles.
I have shown both the front and back photos of my "Sock of Hideousness" sock - Yes that is the name of the pattern, which I am knitting using Knit Picks Essential Multi in Blue Violet.

Also shown is the progress photo of a pair of wristers that I am doing in a Mock Cable pattern, using DGB Confetti Superwash yarn. There is no particular pattern for these wristers, just making it up as I go. I have one finished (the one in the photo)just haven't taken updated photo yet.

So on the needles at the moment I have three projects:

1. Wool Peddler's shawl (see earlier post)
2. Socks of Hideousness - (one finished, one to go)
3. Mock Cable Wristers - (one finished, one to go)

Hum...can I get all three done in 10 days. Only if I can resist casting on for yet something new.

Brenda in Alberta

Socks for Joy

I started the socks for Joy. Joy is a crocheter, who really wants to try socks. She asked me to knit some... and she chose this wonderful colour... Daffodil. Makes me look forward to Spring for sure!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


i am working on "pairs."

one "ufo" done
christmas socks for bil

and the stripes match too!

and my "pair" of jasmine fingerless mitts.

yes, i realize that there are three mitts, thank you.

jasmine fingerless mitts
mini mochi - neptune rainbow

matchy-matchy! yes!

please visit my blog for the full story behind my "three" mitts. good thing i love my mini-mochi. LOL!

52week 1st project for Feb

Hi, I have not posted for a while. Here is my progress picture and finished project for the February requirement. I made another Noro two-row scarf for Katie. This one I did on 8 needles and I only cast on 29. She did not want it as wide as mine. It is much longer because she likes to flip it around her neck. And I can wear it too! I used kureyon again and 440 yards. This one was much faster. OTN Jojolands wine tasting scarf with Hayfield's Crushed Velvet yarn. I hope to get this one finished before the end of the month along with some UFO's. Did everyone watch Daytona? Matt is my favorite driver (and Mark Martin!) Does anyone know of any Nascar inspired projects to do?

Monday, February 16, 2009

52 week kal February project progress

My cardigan is very time consuming and boring as it is a stockinette ground that should fit around my whole and very global figure :-) Once the cardi is knit it will be fun to embroider it.

Meanwhile there are so many ideas arising that I should want some more hands and time and so on.

So, for February I will have another project that I can definitely finish, a tea cozy for a swap. Someone went ill and I jumped in for her, so time is running.

This the progress picture.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

YFM custom socks started a few days ago

Fred designed this color scheme for another pair of Gridiron socks (Anne Hanson) to go with the Lancair IV he built and will show at the Avalon air show near Melbourne in March. I have to finish them by March 9th so have felt fortunate that the white Patonyle arrived recently and that I have enough of the cranberry red color from the red socks to do the stripes. The blue is more the patonyle that I dyed for another pair of airplane socks. I'm adding the pic of the plane so you can see why the socks are the "custom socks". Being Americans in Oz, we chose YFM (Yankee and Fred's initials) for the call sign. When this pair is finished I am finished with airplane socks for quite a while and will truly feel "JOYFUL". :) The large size says 400 yds. This is a fast knit. It is a well written pattern and interesting enough while easy to keep it fun to knit.

Red socks for air show finished

The second red sock is finished and already complete with corgi hair adorning it. This is the So Square pattern by Anne Hanson with Cascade Heritage wine color yarn. 400 yds for size large. I used almost all of the 437 yds in the skein, but have enough for the stripes (9 gms left of the 100 gms) in the custom socks which I started a couple of days ago. My friend took this pic for me since our camera is still in Perth. I'm hoping it will be back so I can take pics of the new sock project. As soon as it is finished I can begin Round Robyn's House (Adrienne's fabulous pattern) with the beautiful Joyful Panda superwash. I can hardly wait. If not for the upcoming air show, the custom socks wouldn't be on the needles now.

52 Week Challenge

Just checking in! This the yarn for my March project, which will be a felted bag. Two skeins of Galway wool @210 each and One Skein of Patons wool @220. I expect to use all of that - so 620 yards for this project.

Status Update

Gee, I feel so businesslike when I say stuff like that. :D The birthday girl's socks are finished...can you tell they are made for a size 9.5 NOT a size 6.5? yeah. Just a wee bit of a difference.

The turquoise start is for the Trumpet Flower Cardigan. It's also a birthday present, but as you can see, the Wednesday deadline is not to be met. I promised it by Spring Break. (March 21ish). THAT might be possilble.

Have a wonderful fiber filled day!