Friday, April 3, 2009

Falling Leaves socks

I started this terrific pattern by Nancy Whitman a couple of days ago and have decided to frog it and use the yarn for her other pattern, Green Goddess. The yarn is Cascade Heritage paints and I think the leaves would show better in a more solid or tone on tone color yarn. I have lots of Patonyle and will use some of it to knit this pattern. I thought you might like to see it though and profit from my error in yarn choice. You can see the leaves close up in the pics, but not really on the leg due to the yarn. It looks like the darker picture.
I am very impressed with this designer's ability. Her clearly written patterns are right up there with my other favorites, Adrienne Fong and Anne Hanson.
The yarn is the same I used to finish the toe on the 2nd Tesserae sock. I did run out of the other colorway of Heritage for that pair and needed 5 extra gms to finish. When Fred gets back from town I will take a pic of him wearing the socks and post so you can see my April project.

52 Week Challenge - Brenda (Owlsrook)

Completed Tidal Wave Pattern Socks, ladies size medium, knit with Arequipa Yarn on 2.25 mm dpns.
Completed yardage = 346 yards.

Four Projects completed for March 2009 = 1364 yards in total
Bluebell Rib Socks
Garter Stitch Rib Socks
Winter Frost Socks
Tidal Wave Socks

Easter Socks

I have finished a pair on April 1, from yarn that has been sitting in my stash for a while. I received this yarn in place of a skein of mine that was defective. I have wanted to knit Lacy Scallops Socks since the first time I saw the pattern. But, just never got around to it. Finally it was time. I love how this yarn worked up into the pattern. The yarn is Trekking XXL.

52 week- March

Hi, here is March. Panda Soy socks from winnings of Olympic socks. Co 64 plain knit pair which I will never,never do again (about 365 yds!) It was totally boring and lots of pretties are coming my way! I can send another progress pic farther along if you want me to. One dishcloth for a wedding set (about 31 yds.), and finished childs Noro scarf (about 100 yds.) I put the progreess pics on so there is no hunting. As soon as I learn how to post better I will. Have a wonderful Easter season and happy April knitting.
P.S. I am feeling sooo much better. No more kidney stones (yeah- ouch!) or diverticulitis episodes or pre-menopause yuckies (for now) and I was not pregnant (yeah, Darin just got a vascectomy! Ha, ha that was close!) Thanks for the best wishes and prayers.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April project for 52 week KAL

This is what I cast on for my April project:
04.02.09 002

The pattern is Sampler Socks from .
Yarn is Sockina Cotton. This is a really fun pattern because you knit the faux fair isle in stockinette and then when you get to the solid-colored sections you can try different pattern stitches!

This socks will be for a friend of mine, so I hope they fit her when I'm done!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Socks

This is the socks I test knitted in Feb. I could not show until today when the pattern was released. They are made with Panda Silk. I did post a teaser picture earlier on.

Request from Laura...I did not forget...

A little while ago Dr Laura asked for spring photos...

Wietse and I went to town this morning. On our walk we saw the blooming Forsythia. He wanted to grab the flowers, but alas... only on camera. There was market around the church, as every Wednesday. I bought 10 pairs of socks there, as DH needed some black socks to wear with his work uniform. As I decided to take a different route to walk back, I saw this...

It might be nationalistic, but I thought this was cute!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My March 2009 Projects

Well let's see the things I remembered to take before and after photos of, I need to get better with the before stuff... Maybe April will be the month I get organized, LOL

Anyway I digress...

I made 6 dishcloths, the round one is quite large. A cabled baby bib, a bunny blanket buddy and a matching babay washcloth and 19 squares for a charity afghan.

Yardage of yarn? No clue how to track all that but I used almost the whole skein of Cotton Ease for the Blue baby set, an entire skein for the Pink/Black/White round dishcloth, and a whole skein for the green baby bib and the Pink basket weave dishcloth as well.

The charity squares were crocheted not knitted but I used almost 8oz between the 19 squares.

I am pretty sure the combination of all of the above will qualify me yardage wise, and give me my "M" for March.

I am really liking that you keep me motivated to finish my projects. Thanks

Aunt Kathy

Completed March 52 week Challenge

Here is my completed March 52 week challenge.

I used two skeins of gray Galway wool @ 210 each and two skeins of green heather Paton's Classic @ 220 each for a total of 860 yards.
My progress post can be found here

reminder for 52 week challenge kal

if you want your "m" for march, your finished project(s) must be posted to the blog before april 5th (midnight pdt).

if you should have an "m" and don't have one, please leave me a comment with a link to the post that shows your completed march project. i am perfect! (most of the time =P...and no comments from the frog pond -(yes, debi, i am talking to you! LOL)

we will be voting for your first quarter favorite crystal palace yarn project soon. we are combining the ufo favorite and the 52 week kal favorite this time. winner will receive 4 skeins of cpy yarn (winner's choice) and bragging privileges until our next vote.

Monday, March 30, 2009

52-Week Knitalong

Finally! I spent the last few hours trying to find the pattern for one of my projects this month, but no luck, argh! I really need it as I want to make an adult version to be felted; if it looks familiar to anyone, PLEASE let me know. The pattern contains intructions for both child and adult hats. Above are both in-progress (IP) and finished results. Since I have enough yardage with the next two projects, I am not even going to try and guess how much is in the hat.
Next, I have two new pairs of mittens; the paprika ones used 235yds, the green (with mohair this time!) used probably 220yds. I had the yardage wrong for the February green pair, (they were 210, not 190). I added a few rows to this green pair and they fit much better! It's amazing how much one teeny strand of mohair can change the appearance, both in fuzziness and color, as I used the same base colors in this green pair as I did the lst pair (which are also shown so you can see what I mean). Minimum total this month, 455yds (without the hat, lol).
Anyway, it's good to have last week over; there was a bomb threat at the grade school (no bomb, thank heavens, and the 8th grader responsible turned himself in the same day) where my youngest goes on Wednesday, then we had (180) sheep to be sheared on Saturday. We were short one shearer so it was an all-day affair (Meaning coffee breaks x2, lunch, and supper). The local nursing home/hospital/clinic where my mother-in-law is a resident might have to relocate around 20 residents in order to stay open. I hate the thought of any of them having to move, they are such a wonderful group of people. It stinks.
On an up-note, we were treated to a concert last Friday evening by the Dallas Brass band, with the 7th-8th grade band and the high school band getting to play with them for a few songs. If you ever have the opportunity to see them play, go! They are wonderful!


This doesn't really fit into the 52 week or UFO kal, but I thought I'd share anyway since it's knit with so many different Crystal Palace yarns. I designed this set, called Nesting, to be a cute way to use up leftover sock yarn that has a way of multiplying in my stash like rabbits. The pattern includes instructions for a mama bird, baby bird, large nest, mini nest, and eggs. It's for sale in my pattern shop on Ravelry and will soon be added to my etsy shop.

52 week challange - socks

I finished another pair and mailed them off to DD for her Thursday birthday. Yarn is Aussi Sock, US #1/2.25 mm needles. The pattern is A Step Above by Kathleen Power Johnson.

52 Week Challenge - Brenda (Owlsrook)

Did the cast on for these yesterday, and am about halfway through the heel on sock #1. This is the Tidal Wave Sock Pattern and I am using Arequipa yarn from my stash. Color #206. These have 6 inch cuffs and are in a size medium. I like the deep colours of Arequipa.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

2 more for March

A sad pair of socks in a way. I knitted these as Chemo Socks. I wanted a neighbor to have comfy feet. She has a lot of scarves so socks seemed to be what I could do to help. I used Adrienne's 'Round Robyn House pattern. But, I did them toe up. I thought that Ida should be able to see the bird houses from her view of her feet. I used a yarn that is both machine washable and dryable. I thought that way it was less stress on anyone doing her laundry. I hope she gets to wear them out and I have to knit her new ones that are not sad socks.
Then I did a pair for me. Found a pattern I loved and grabbed a yarn I had never tried but loved the color. Yarn was purchased to be a shawl. But, I am loving these socks. Not seen in picture but I did an EOP toe to match the heel. I Love these socks.
Well off to see what else to cast on. So many patterns...................