Saturday, November 1, 2008

on the needles now 11/1

these are two colors of the new superwash Panda Wool, called Psup [Pea Soup] for short this is a striped toddler sock in new pink print and mint print. here are the colors Psup colors

this is a new color that's coming in panda cotton, called Joyful. it is much prettier than photo shows, so will do another pic tomorrow. panda cotton
this is the magnificent, wonderful, terrific, gorgeous, can't-stop=knitting Mini-Mochi, which is a superwash merino sock wt yarn. i am knitting the "intense rainbow" - more colors here at Mini-mochi colors. this yarn will be in your stores in early jan.
This is a new scarf i'm working on, which is a Tibetan Prayer flags design, and is using the 5 colors of DK panda silkDK Panda Silk ... it uses natural, forest, cranberry, denim and then the buttercup tones in Panda silk {doubled} panda silk colors
..... these 5 colors are water/air/earth/fire/spirit in the traditional Tibetan symbolism, and of course are the colors in prayer flags. i plan to knit in traditional symbols also - the OM, wheel of the dharma, endless knot, dorje, etc. Scarf will be a gift for my longest friend Kaitlin.

i have another thing on needles, a peach and forest wrister, but the forest didn't photo well, so will try tomorrow

blessings, L

Socck for me

These socks were part of a Ravelry challenge. I didn't quite make the 10/31/08 deadline, but they're done. The orange yarn is Yarn Place Chaussant, the red yarn is Oasis Aussi Sock, needles 2.5mm. Yardage about 400 yds.

The socks were started 9/29/08, and posted shaortly after.

finished and no yardage

The purple and green hat is an original design with colors picked by my dh ,. He loves it, and it turned out well, but as a designer one just has to "twiddle" a little.

I wanted to firm up the cables some, so twiddled with the design. The red below is the final design, with a photo on white and on blue so you can see how background can have an effect on your impression of colors.

Both hats were knit with Kaya from Crystal Palace yarns.

You can see more of the colors at KayaColorcards.

Now he loves both!
the hat uses two different yarns, and so the stranding adds extra warmth, as you are alternating colors for the cables.
I need to find a mannequin head so you can see the crown as it's very kewl.

but. i failed to take the in progress shots! WAAAH.

now i will go take photos of the sock i am knitting with new Mini-mochi! lucky girl me!

blessings, :L

more completed projects

Long time, no post. I was busy finishing my mystery socks in Fuchsia Panda Cotton! Here is the completed photo:
I also finished the Christmas illusion dishcloth:
and I knit some mini items for a contest my LYS is having:
This mini sweater is Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Wool (magenta):

Total yardage for the socks and dishcloth: 350 yards (gives me a nice round 500 yards total to date for this KAL). I won't count the mini items because I didn't show progress photos and there's not much yardage there anyway.

For pattern/yarn info on any of these projects, check out my project page on Ravelry. I'm EtownKnitter.

Keep on knitting everyone!!!

2 new project

I have started 2 new project:
the GardenMysterySocks KAL:

and a pair of socks in pink:

Friday, October 31, 2008

tricks or treats?!

happy pumpkin day to all. remember that "secret" you don't know about? well, the day is here and we have treats!!! debi will be drawing two winners. one will be from the pool of people who finished a project, and the other will be from the pool of people who started a project. those who finished have two chances of winning.

winners will be selecting one of these books. the winner of the finished projects will get first choice.
these prizes are being donated by dr laura. winners should contact her with their snail mail addy and choices. winner of the" started projects" drawing should list a first and second choice.

thank you, laura, for the prizes and thank you all for participating. we have one more month and a whole lot of knitting to go!

the trick will be waiting for debi to post the winners. of course, there will be one book remaining after this drawing. who will win that book? and how? that could be a trick too!


...and the winners are

should i prolong this or should i just announce those two lucky winners?! debi says i should just tell you who won.

she has done the drawing using the random number generator. she even took herself out of the draw. wasn't she nice? more chances for you and me.

the winner of the completed projects drawing
and person who gets first dibs


who proves that perserverance is a virtue and being last can make you first
(long story, you don't want to know)

and the winner of the started projects drawing
and person who gets second dibs



congrats, rita and owlsrook. please contact laura using her email addy in the sidebar with your mailing address and your selection. (owlsrook, please give a first and second choice).

i made a

pair of something!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!! and i even frogged the first mitt all the way back to the cuff and shortened the wrist by one repeat and moved the thumbs so that the lace would stay centered over the hand.

panda wool in lacquer red
us 1.5 needles (2.5mm)
gauge: 8.5 sts/inch
175 yds
(one skein was just enough for the mitts - except for the thumbs, sigh.
it was the original put-up so the newer skeins might be enough for the pair)

i made a bunch of modifications to the mitts and will be sharing them on my blog soon.

adrienne, looking around for her next project when she should just finish up the windowpanes.

ps. do you know how hard it is to photograph your own hand? it's about as hard as taking a pix of your feet without making your calf look ginormous!

Finished the socks!

But, sadly, I was in such a rush to finish them and give them to my grandma, that I forgot to take their picture. :(

They turned out quite well, and fit my grandma like they were made for her. I didn't know her size so I just guessed, and it was a good guess.

The pattern I used was the openwork rib from Sensational Knitted Socks.


(i'm whispering here...)

if you haven't posted a project to the blog yet, you might want to seriously consider doing it soon. there is a rumor afoot that there will be another drawing but you have to have a project started and posted. it will be even better to have a finished project posted.

of course, this is just rumor. and the date is uncertain (pumpkins, think pumpkins - cough! cough!)

just remember, you didn't hear it from me. someone stole my name.

(anyone know how to sticky a blog post to the top?! ah! i can cheat and change the date -that didn't work)

eta: change the date AFTER posting works...yippee. remember, this is a secret.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

WIP and FO

I finished another felted bag. It's a modified version of the Booga Bag using about 450 yards of Paton's Classic Wool.

And started another neck-warmer. This one is the Mock Cable Neck-Warmer. It will probably only take about 100 yards of Araucania Aysen, but I'll probably make a couple of them.

Progress Report

As you can see, I've managed to get a fair bit done on Peter's coat. Still no name, and still looking for the zipper, though. Grrrrrr.
This picture is a much better representation of the colors. Gorgeous, aren't they? (I say "colors", because it's a rather heathered orangy/red, not a solid.)
I even remember to add pockets before sewing up the side seams. I can't believe I remembered that! I'm about an inch shy of finishing the hood, which I'm very excited about.
I'm easily excited, yes.

Peter's excited too, but that's because he believes hoods make him look like a superhero in disguise.

Nearing the finish line!

. . . if I could ever find that stupid zipper. Why did I decide to buy black?

(Posted by Yarn Over)

It will stay 1602 meters for October...

as I did not knit a thing this week. Ugh. I am coughing my lungs out, my nose hurts and my youngest son is feeling so miserable that sleeping is hard for the both of us. We both have a nasty flu. It makes me angry to be honest, and grumpy as a person has to sleep. Speaking of sleeping... I went outdoors with him this morning, as the weather is beautiful, and finally after a lot of crying he is sleeping in the buggy. Sometimes taking a big walk is soothing the soul. But I sure would like to get rid of the runny nose, sore eyes etc... and go back to my regular stuff

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Halloween Cloth

I took a picture of each color as I went along... of course blogger added them in the wrong order, oh well.

I used about 50 yards for this one, but added to the breast cancer cloth I posted the other day that would qualify for the 100 yards.

Now I need to figure out what I am going to work on while I am recouping from my surgery next week.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One done...another cast on!

Easy projects = quick knits! But I am amazed at all the lovely finer knitting being completed and posted by otheres! So here are my humble offerings: a completed "Seaweed Cowl"-I made it a tad bigger and will be adding a button to it. Obviously, my gauge got a bit loose 1/2 way through, but I made up for it on the other half, so at least it kinda evened out! So weighing in at 72g., and this yarn running 216 yds/100g, I think I can safely say this is a 140 yd project.

And a baby hat is started but-doh!-it is knit with a 16 stitch repeat, NOT now, as I start the cables, I am realizing it either gets frogged or a new 'design element' will occur. I will choose the latter, cuz I'm not digging the idea of frogging it!

Finally posting, I hope!

The red scarf is Saphira Merino wool and Frog Tree Suri brushed fingering weight for a thick and thin look. After working on this for a bit, I had to run off to the yarn store (45 miles away) for more Saphira and the yarn(thread) suggested. Now the red scarf will be a gift and the other will be for me. Started it but no picture yet. Size 10.5 needles.

The black spiderweb shown in progress is my Halloween sock of Cherrytree Hill sock yarn and size one needles. The other sock is the spider. The beads are a mix of fall colors--gold, copper and bronze. They were fun to make and will have picture of finished pair soon.

The blue and orange are Chicago Bears colors for football fan husband and son. The yarn is Artyarns super merino and size one needles.

The knitting was the easy part. I have a love-hate relationship with my computer and have had many problems trying to get this posted. It's the first time I have dealt with pictures and a couple of times my screen went blank and I had no idea where anything went. My son was going to take computer away from me if I called for help again. If this all goes through successfully,this knit along was much more of a learning experience than anticipated and I will feel a great sense of achievement.

It looks like my pictures and message are going to be two separate posts, but I'm sending it as is because the more I I try the more jumbled things get, so I'm done for now.

I have been busy and I dont mean Knitting!

Well I have had a very busy week. My girls were baptized and then we went to a funeral for my grandmother. And I also have the flu. What a week. I have mangaged to knit a hat but I gave it to my hairstylist, for she just had a baby and I didnt take a picture, so I cant count that one. But I am trying to finish a rib hat for my friends son. I still havent tackled finishing the socks I started. Im not feeling well so I want to knit items that don't require too much concentration right now.

I also have started another hat for my grandson, but it sure looks big and it is the size for a baby. I may have to rip it and start again. I'm using Vannas Choice denim yarn and it is so soft and stretchy.

My next projects are hats for my grand daughters, since they asked where is my hat? I matched the yarn to their winter coats. I have never used Vanna's yarn, but I like the feel of it. I have tons of laundry and grocery shopping to do before I can pickup my knitting again. Happy Knitting. I'm in awe of all the beautiful knitting I see on the blog. I wish I was great knitter like most of you. I love all the socks.

clarifying a "rule"

only post how much yarn you used when you post your finished project, please. it will make it easier on debi.

you are all amazing! i am thinking we should have increased the yardage for an entry. wonder how much yarn we will have used by the end of the kal?! anyone want to venture a guess?

hmmmmmm...sounds like another contest!?

Progress so far

Seeing all your pics is so inspiring that it is awfully hard to keep on knitting what has to be knit first. So, here are my progress pictures so far:
First, my cardigan is finished, yet unblocked, because I am still pondering the idea of adding broad front band and perhaps a kind of collar, too, because this will be my keep-me-warm-everyday-cardigan:

Then, my husband´s sweater, made like one of EZ´s seamless options:

My son´s scarf, ready, but not finished:

A pair of gloves for me, pattern written, ends not woven in:

Samples knit, patterns written, for a new yarn:

About yardage, knit so far:
  • cardigan: 755g =>1890m
  • sweater: 400g => 640m
  • scarf: 100g => 200m
  • gloves: 65g => 275m
  • socks: 81g => 340m

Total of 3345m or 3659.43 yds. Now I know what you can achieve during an everlasting flu that keeps you inhouse for too long a while.

Goals for next week:

Create a new sock pattern, finish sweater, perhaps start daughter´s sweater.

Sorry for no attractive pic, but I am a lousy photographer. Must wait for husband´s mood and weather being good at the same time.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Casting on

Well, I'm almost done with a scarf, and I've cast on for a baby blanket. Here's the scarf:
This scarf is a belated birthday present for a friend of mine, so it's a good thing it's almost done! That's handspun yarn, so I'm not sure how exact my measurements are, but I've used about 200 yards of it, and am about to cast off; I think there are another 80 yards or so in that ball.

I also got started on Friday on a baby blanket for a cousin who is due on Christmas eve. I'm hoping to have it done before her baby shower in two weeks; I've finished the first skein already, so I might be able to pull it off. This is the pinwheel baby blanket, in Lorna's Laces worsted weight superwash wool. There's just no way to take a good picture of it, since it's a blob on circular needles, but here's what I've got; I'm finished with the brown yarn, and am starting on a band of blue.
Each skein is 220 yards, so that's how far in I am, and I'll total 660 when I'm done (plus whatever edging I decide on).

Finally posting finished items and a new one

Oh a scarf/hat combo. The pattern I am loosely following was going to be too skinny so I am adding to the width. Also will change the hat part when I get there. This is Malabrigo Worsted. Love this stuff it is so soft. It has been in stash for a few months so another stash diving project.
Fiber Trends clogs I made for Brooke. Her feet were cold. I used stash yarn for these. She loves the colors. I used 300 yards to make them.
This is a pair of test knit socks. Pattern is "Water Cube Socks" Designer is Star Athena. Design is based on the Water Cube in China where the water sports were held for the Olympics. Very fun design. Totally different cuff and heel than I have ever done also a different toe. This was knitted in Knit Picks Sock Landscape color is Yukon. These took 350 yards. Love them. Another stash yarn used.
Still playing with slippers. Here are adult size 8 pigs and bunnies. Bunnies were knitted to be kittens but when felted they wanted to be bunnies. Placement of ears is very important I will keep reminding myself. Pigs do have curly tails. The two took 500 yards. Frogs are next on the drawing board.

something finished, something started, something hibenating

i do, on occasion, finish something. at least hats don't come in pairs. LOL!

hermione's cable & eyelet hat
modeled by my lovely ice bucket

woolease (washable for the young college student), 160 yds
us 5 needles

and i am constantly starting "something". here is one almost completed fingerless mitt. i love anything with cables and lace.

merletto mitts (ravelry)

panda wool in red lacquer
us 1.5 needles (2.5mm)

i am making some modifications so the mitts will fit me. it seems these run large if you follow the pattern. i will be detailing my mods on my blog when i finish these.

my mitered windowpane socks are taking a break just because i finally got tired of the miters. and i am trying to decide if i want to eventually frog the first sock back to 6 tiers. the miters stretch a bit when you wear them.


Name Ideas?

I'm still looking for clever catchy names. Here's some suggested ones so far: "Cajun Cables", "Autumn Aran" (Aran is a cabled type of sweater), "Autumn Glory", "Autumn Blaze-r", etc. Keep the suggestions coming, and then when I finally get the thing done, we'll vote on it. How democratic of us! Just think how wonderful it will be - the results of our vote won't lead us to war, end all healthcare for cabbages, or reduce the stupidity in schools!I've been steadily cranking away on Peter's Autumn Coat, and so far, everything seems to be going according to plan. I'm just holding my breath, waiting for the Evil Knitting Fates to step in and make me forget something really important, like sleeves.

I hope I get this done soon, because the weather this week has taken a steep decline a la the stock market, and it's c-c-c-c-cold here!

(Of course, "cold" is relative, because I'm sure that when we get the exact same temperatures in February, we'll all be exclaiming over the "heat wave" and run around in shorts and tank tops. It's amazing how quickly the brain can process insane things like snow and cold. I personally believe that my brain is in a coma from November to May - that should explain a lot.)

Now if only I could find that darn zipper that I just bought . . .

(Feel free to pop on by my blog anytime!)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ta dah!

I can't *believe* I'm finished with my younger son's hat already. It ended up taking about 100 yards (two balls) of the PolarKnit yarn. Talk about a fast knit, although my hands are a little sore because the yarn and the needles are so big. My son is really happy with his hat - really! I kept trying to take a good picture of him and he'd change his expression at the last minute so I finally gave up...

He looks like his father, by the way...

I also finished my nephew, Josh's, flap cap today. I love the yarn (malabrigo worsted - about 220 yards) and the pattern (Mighty Mitts and Flap Caps by Carol Anderson).