Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday KAL 4

2 projects to make up the required yardage since the footies were just shy of 200 yds.

The "Mostly Adrienne" footies are comprised of a cuff from a Claudia Tietze pattern called Sommerliche Sneaker Socken which I really love for the fit and design. It goes from 72 sts to 60 sts and is interesting to knit. I have changed the remainder using Adrienne Fong's Llama, Llama, Duck heel (EOP with garter stitch) which fits me perfectly. Then plain foot and a 6 pointed star toe Adrienne helped me find years ago and is the only one that has ever fit my skinny toes. I will most likely use these Adrienne elements for all my personal socks and just play with the above the ankle part for fun. Opens up a whole new world of knitting fun having socks that fit! :)

The guest towel is made from Cajun Cotton I brought with us 10 years ago. The pattern in Hourglass towel by Kat Mcab. I know I used over 200 yds, but have misplaced my notes. In any event, great pattern and this brings the yardage well over the minimum for a gift project. Gifts for for moi. :) I have made 4 of these towels and given away 3 of them. Nice to use and I will be making more of them. I brought 20 skeins with me. Glad I did since cotton is hard to get here.

The footies weigh 60 gms finished from a 130 gm skein so I have enough to make a second pair. 395 yds in the skein.

Holiday (or not) KAL 4 - Fern Pillow - Finished!

Finally finished and ready for the gift wrap!
Yarn: KnitPicks Palette - 312 yards main colour
Needles: 3.25mm/US3
Started: 1 October 2011
Finished: 3 November 2011

Prime Time KAL - 11/11 Finished

Repeat Performance socks from the Knit Purl Hunter KAL. Cast on 11/05/2011. I used #1 needles for the toe, heel and cuff - #2 for the foot and leg - #3 for the bind off. Used new Sewn Bind Off and short row heel - enjoyed learning some new techniques . This is only my 2nd pair of toe up socks. The yarn is Austermann Royal in Forest Green and it consists of wool, nylon, cashmere and silk. Going to give these to my daughter, Meagan for Christmas.

Friday, December 2, 2011

holiday kal

After I signed up for this year's kal, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to finish anything other than some socks. My curved shawl still needs blocking. Made with 138g (524yds) Berroco Sox Metallic, needles US 7 and 6. Took about a month.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday KAL 4

Hi, here is my first and (probably only one this year.)
Cabled Gauntlets
CPY Striped Merino
start date-10-13-11
finish date-do not remember
needles- 9
I like these so very much but, it was hard for my to match up the yarn and make them twins. I re-started about 4 times.
Blue Cowl
Gifted yarn (skacel super bulky?)
start date-11-27-11
finish date-11-29-11
needles- 15
Made this one much larger. (one more pattern repeat high and two wide.)

November Primetime

Here is the last picture with the mitts.

Primetime November

Hi, Here are my November projects. It was really hard doing large needle items when I want to be doing socks.

Project- Susie's Reading Mitts

Start-11-11-11 Finish- 11-25-11

Yarn- gifted Needles- US6

Project- Purple Chunky Cowl #1

Start-11-25-11 Finish 11-25-11

Yarn- Thick and Quick Needles- 15

Project-Rowan's Teething Bib

Start- 10-22-11 Finish 11-19-11

November Prime Time

Oh mess. I totally forgot to post last night even though I meant to! I hope I'm not too late.

This is my Aeolian shawl, which took 400+ yards of Handmaiden Sea silk. Almost the entire skein, really. I knit it on size 5 needles. Here's some links where you can see more stuffs:

My Blog

And here are the required WIP and FO pictures!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Ok so here is my project for November: another test knit for SweetGeorgiaYarns of a sock pattern with a lovely lace pattern that looks like trees. The pattern is still a WIP (the second test knit is ongoing) but I'm sure it will be available for purchase soon. The yarn I used is the SGY Silk Crush Sock in colourway English Ivy. Unfortunately the pattern is a little difficult to see without being blocked, but alas no sock blockers yet for me. I've included a picture of it being modeled. I have very little yarn left, and there was 375yds on the ball, so I'd say they took around 350yds. 2 weeks start to finish.

I also have my October projects. Somehow the fates conspired against me and I lost the pictures I took of my projects. However, I just found them buried in a folder so am uploading them now - better late than never!

The first is a pair of short socks using the pattern "Breeze", a freebie from, and I used 200yds of SGY Superwash Sock in Picnic Pop. These turned out very cute.

Second October project was a simple scarf using 1 skein of AslanTrends Royal Alpaca - 220yds. The pattern doesn't have a name, it's just something thrown together by the Yarn Harlot on one of her blogs. This will make a nice christmas present.

November Prime Time

 I actually knit a cardigan for myself I can't believe that I did it. The pattern is "Rocky Coast" by Hannah Fettig out of the book Coastal Knits. This is the second project out of this book that I have knit. I used Miss Babs Yowza Watta skein in Oregon Mist on size US10.5 so this was a fast knit. I finished it in use over 2 weeks not bad since it wasn't my only project. Here it is before it was blocked I didn't get a picture of it after it was done. But just got back from Vegas and it's in the soak pot again. This was perfect for the trip. Got a few other small thinks knit this month as quick gifts and thank you's to people that helped me planned my getaway.
 For our sou-chef I made his a hat, I used Jared Floods Turn a Square pattern and Cascade 220. It was something he had been asking for, for awhile now he can't ask anymore.
For one of my servers I made a mobius cowl and a pair of fingerless mitts. When she isn't working for me she is the Recess Lady so this should keep her warm. I also finished a pair of socks and 2 more mobius' this month so my little fingers have been busy. So keep warm everyone. Happily knitting, Bye\


i actually finished this pair at the beginning of november but do i post it then? nooooooo! i needed to jazz up some vanilla stripes so came up with these.

jamaican me crazy
string theory colorworks self-striping yarn

jamaican me crazy prog

jmc pair1

Holiday Knitting

I have a present done! Yay! It's a short Kureopatora’s Snake done in brioche.

This is for my aunt. It's a skosh over 300 yards of Drops Fabel

November Prime Time

I messed around with cables and brioche and double-knitting and came up with this headband (it's a ball of Sausalito) and handspun hat:

The headband was an exercise in different ways to cable brioche. It’s not supposed to be all the same.

This summer I knit a hat from my first handspun. This fall I discovered that it’s really quite inadequate. So I frogged it, respun some of the yarn, and added more handspun to get something that fits and is WARM. I'm not sure exactly how many yards are in there, but the total for both is over 300 yards.

Prime time November

Time really went fast this month. Ups and downs, sickness and health and way too much to do still before holiday month starts. Birthday people: Son Steven turned 18 on the 18th, father in law 82 on the 20th.

Images showing a hat and mitten set, made out of Hifa 2ply Ullgarn in red and white. 400 meters were used in total for the set.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

CPY project to share

I started this "Chicklets" sock pattern using "Night Shade" in Panda Superwash at the end of last year so I know it doesn't count for credit. I just wanted to show that I did finally finish them. :)

Anne Hanson Knitspots pattern, but Fred's preferred plain foot. I weighed the finished pair: 115 gms so a bit more than 2 skeins of the yarn. Fred will wear them a lot during the holidays and the bamboo content is nice for the warm weather here.

4th Holiday (or not) project #3

A gift for a very dear friend, whose nickname is 'Rusty'.
Yarn: Plymouth Encore - total yardage all projects: 320 yards/160 grams
Needles for all projects: US7/4.5mm
Beret pattern: Beret Genereux Yardage for rust colour: 130 yards
Neckwarmer: Distinguished Gentleman's Neckwarmer Yardage: 78 yards
Fingerless gloves: my own pattern Yardage: 112 yards

More Holiday or Not Knitting

I've been too busy knitting, that I'm way behind on my photos. So here we go.

I completed my Peppermint Twist Socks by Deby Lake

Cast On: October 26

Cast Off: November 20

Yarn: SWTC TOFUtsties (I lost the label, so I don't know the color) It's a pink and black varigation.

Yardage: 300 yards

Needle: Size 1

Then I started the 2nd project of KnitPurlHunter's Progressive Needle KAL, which is called Repeat Performance, and was my first attempt at 2 at a time socks. Which I fell in love with the technique.

Cast On: November 3

Cast Off: November 27

Yarn: Trekking ProNatura in Color #1507

Yardage: approximately 320 yards
Needle: Size 1

My last project is a baby shower gift for my cousin. I knitted a baby sweater called buttercup Baby Set by Sherry Graziano, published in Creative Knitting, May 2009 magazine.

Cast On: November 22nd

Yarn: Berroco Comfort DK Print in color #2816

Needle: Size 7, size 8