Saturday, February 27, 2010

DNF by Shelly and Brodie.

At least I'm in good company. Instead, I finished a scarf for the 12/12/12. Life is full of decisions and compromises. It's all good. I used 330 yards of Cashmerino and a fingering cashmere. This is seriously the softest thing I've ever completed. It's going to keep my snuggling for many years to come.

Olympics Scarf Complete!

I've finished my Olympics scarf! Here is the post with the in-progress picture.

This pattern is The Go-To Scarf only I've made it striped instead of a solid color. I've used about 100 yards each of three skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy.  Two of my labels said 147 yards, and one said 137 yards (that one is a lot smaller now than the other two).

The scarf measures 7 feet long without the tassels, so I wager it's at about 7.5 feet long.  I think it qualifies for Team Spirit, Ice Hockey, and Speed Jump.

Mini Mochi In Progress.....

My socks are coming along but I can't finish both and I think there is a good chance of finishing the scarf. So here is a progress picture for the 12m/12p/12boy. This is the Mini Mochi I won in the Holiday or Not KAL -Blueberry Pancakes. Gorgeous colors! THANK YOU! The pattern is the One Row Scarf by Turvid on Ravelry.

Friday, February 26, 2010

February Project 12/12/12 KAL

Finished Project for February - Mystery Socks - In CPY-Panda Wool - Strawberry Pink.
Used about 340 yards for these.

Brenda in Alberta

olympic pair done - ice speed skating category

The olympic pair is done, but not with the cables. The yarn turned out to be not that flexible, to work complex cables. I had to frog them again, and decided to knit a plain pair instead. 325 meters were used of Drops Delight.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Finished Hat and Scarf for Olympic KAL

This crocheted hat and scarf was done in "I Love This Yarn" worst weight yarn. 500 yards did go into making this set.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

just about "blinged" out

finished these on february 22nd but wanted them to have a wash and block to look their prettiest!

bling from 50 socks/50 states

panda silk with lots of beady magic
us 2.25mm needles
beads all the way down the heel flap
and the front to the toes
added extra beads to center lace motif
and modified heel flap to match the toe
(and yes, i have to change my own pattern because i can't help myself)

i think i have enough bling on these now. =P

Completed Socks for Olympic KAL

Here are the completed sock for the Olympic KAL, These are done in Maizy. I ended up using about 342 yarns. I posted my original pattern on my blog:

Socks - mlj1954 - and they are done!!!

They match almost exactly up to the very toe . . . so, she will have one with a little bit of pink toe. 

February project - lots of green

Somehow I agreed to make more of these buttonless headbandy thingies for people who either couldn't make my sister's bridal shower, or went but didn't get one. So, here are 3 more. I'm now officially really sick of them. I was so sucked in to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind that I neglected to take an in-progress pic of the last lilac one, or to cable the center rows. Oops.

In a push to finish off the green Gedifra yarn, I also have a nice little Amelia aviator cap. Nice how it matches my shell. The pattern's come out too big for lots of people, but mine is fine. swatch, gauge, adjust pattern

February Restart

Well, here is another start for a February project. The first project is now in the UFO pile till I can order from Knitpicks, as I managed to break three of the five needles. After I get new needles, I'll start picking splinters out of the yarn. Sigh.

Stash diving is fun, however. I didn't even remember that I had this yarn. This is Panda Soy in Fudge Brownie, on Signature 2.25mm needles. It is a bamboo, soy, nylon mix. At least these needles won't break, although they may not have been the best choice with this yarn, which is somewhat splitty. Hopefully they will be finished in time - if the weather does not get colder and the bus is not too crowded, maybe by the weekend. If not, there go my lunch hours.

Happy knitting, everyone. Regards, aj

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finished some more

I had some panda silk DK and wanted to see it in a shawl. Pardon the pictures as the wind picked up and it started pouring down rain. Thank You Laura for helping out with this one. Pattern is pimpelliese Easy to pattern to do once you chart it out yourself.

The start of the shawl along with the start of a baby blanket. Shawl won out.

Yes this is a long shawl.

Sometimes I do not say No loud enough or fast enough. I was asked to make this vest. I never did say I would but somehow went home with the thread for it. Pattern had to be redone as I did not have the correct cotton thread so the motifs were bigger. But here it is modeled on my neighbor.

First pair of socks, ever - mlj1954 - Progress Photos

I have never finished a pair of socks. It is looking pretty good that I should be able to get this pair done:

This is Lion Brand Magic Stripes Yarn (330 yards). It is superwash wool/nylon mix.

Fortunately, I guess I really liked this yarn since I bought three skeins and am also making gloves:

I cast on for the socks on February 13, as part of the Ravelympics challenge. I finished the first one and cast on the second one this past Saturday, February 20. This is how they are so far. I was planning on finishing the second one last evening but took some really good sinus medicine and went to bed instead. But here is how they match up now:

Isn't it cool how the strips match! I had to unwind part of the one ball but then I remembered the fingers on the gloves and since I think it would be okay, I am going to use the little bit of ball for the fingers on the glove.

I am hoping to have both socks finished by the end of lunch today . . . I guess I'll just skip exercising! Its a sacrifice but I'm willing to do it . . . and besides my sinuses will probably appreciate it too!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Feb. Progress, Finished ane Olympic KAL

Here's the progress and the finished pictures of my Febuary project. The socks are out of Pyroclastic by Marlowe Crawford. A great pattern easy to memorize and a fast knit. I knit this pattern just for the shaped arch on the foot. I have to admit the socks fit like a glove and they don't move around in my shoes. The yarn is from Krarmer Yarns Sterling Silk and Silver, Imperial Blues. I like the bling in the yarn makes me feel special.

Here is a picture of the progress of my Traveling Woman for the Olympics, the picture is not the greatest but I am working on it. The yarn is Tosh Sock from madelinetosh, Emerald City, yarn from the Oz Sock Club from Woolgirl. I love the color and am having fun with this knit.
Hopfully I will get it done before the Olympics are done. Don't know if I'll get it block but am going to try.

12/12/12boy and Olympics

My project for feburary is a sock knitting bag. It won at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival two years ago. I am not sure what fiber it is but I hope it felts! My Canada socks are going well. Here is a progress picture. It is the Bamboo pattern on the CPY site. I am using the Panda Superwash in Chili Red and Panda ? in Natural. (not sure which one it is.) The Chili sold out before it was even on the shelf. Lucky timing! I love it.

February Progress Picture

Darn, I was going to put in a different picture but my darn camera and the computer aren't talking so I have to use an old picture. I'm actually done with one leg and almost done with the second at this time. The pattern is Muir Woods from the 50 Socks - 50 States CD - which is wonderful. I started them on February 10th. I'm using size 2 square dpn.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Finished Olympics lace scarf

It's Titania's Waltz
approx. 450 yds of laceweight yarn. It's really a deep purple, not blue like my photo...

Olympic Finish Line

I've finished my event and written the pattern. I had about 2 yds of MC left as seen in the picture. I'm done with socks from leftovers for now. Five colors were used in this project.

Here's the leg before seaming. I may have shown this before.

more progress pics

Here's another progress pic of my Olympic scarf! I'm past the halfway point!!!

February 12m/12p/12boy Finished!

I finished my Citron Shawlette. I'm not too sure what I think of it. I thought my Mom would like it, but I'm having doubts now. Anyway, it's done and I figured out how to block it (a little crooked, mind you).

I used Zauberball fingering weight, which is 460 yrds/100gm and I had 6 gm left over.

Jill (jaerrt on ravelry)