Saturday, August 15, 2009

Green Goddess socks finished

I started this pair months ago and finally finished the 2nd sock this morning. :) Cream Patonyle that I dyed in the crock pot with food coloring. Used 89 gms of the 100 gm ball. The Nancy Whitman pattern calls for 376 yds. I love the way this pattern fits. The pattern is stretchy, but also snug.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

August Socks

Here's the socks I just finished in that sock yarn hubby brought home. I ended up using about 370 yds. This is my first time using this yarn, and I'm pretty happy with it HOWEVER I'm pretty gosh-durned excited to pull out that new Maizy Tan Suede I bought for the KAL.....but I've got plenty to do in the meantime! so much yarn, so little time....I love this problem. Can you imagine so much time, so little yarn....surely Dante wasn't a knitter or he would have written this in.....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I wanted to say thank you for the prize. I wanted to share what I chose for my yarn & color - I have been wanting to try 'Maizy' - - so here is my chance! I chose the solid color 'cactus' - it looks like a lovely light lime sort of green. I think I shall use it for some nicely patterned socks that need a solid color to show off the pattern.

Thank you again for me being one of the winners!


mystery sock kal update

good news! i've finished writing up all the clues. YAY for me! the clues will be emailed to the addy you used to sign up for the blog. if you want me to use a different addy, please let me know so i can change it.

and because i've managed to get this all written up sooner than i expected, howsabout we kick-start the mystery a few days earlier?

schedule for clues:
clue 1: aug 21
clue 2: aug 24
clue 3: aug 28
clue 4: sept 2
clue 5: sept 7

finished pairs of socks must be posted to the blog by wednesday, sept 30th (or at least by the time i wake up on october 1st) in order to qualify for the prize drawings.

how many prizes? well, that will depend on how much encouragement you give your fellow mystery kal knitters to finish their socks. the MORE socks, the MORE winners!! susan will donate one prize (2 skeins of yarn -winner's choice of yarn and color) for every 10 pairs of socks finished. in addition, there will be a special drawing for those who knit their socks using crystal palace yarn!

someone has asked about doing 2 socks at once on magic loop or 2 circs. i would recommend against this as there will be some shuffling of the stitches but it will be up to you!

so, are you all ready to RUMBLE?!!!

don't mind me...just too much wrestling...LOL!

housecleaning & a mystery

i've done some housecleaning with our member list on the sidebar. if you aren't listed and are a member, let me know. i may have removed you accidentally and i may need you to rejoin the blog.

get ready for the mystery sock kal...

if you want to play, i need you to email me at:

carefreekal at gmail dot com

i will be sending out the clues by email so want to start an email list. i will be posting a materials list with yarn recommendations within the next week or so.

you will need to be a member of the carefree kal blog in order to receive the clues. if you are not currently a member (see list on sidebar), please contact me for an invitation to join.

if you do not receive your invitataion to join to blog within 24 hours, please check your spam folders. or contact me for another invitation.

8/4 morning: i have sent out invites to all who have requested one.
8/5 am: invites out to all who requested. there are some invites that still need to be accepted in order for you to become a member of the carefree kal blog. please email me if you are having problems accepting.
8/06 10:30 pm: invites have been all sent. if you've received an invite and you don't see your name on the list, then it could be that you still need to accept the invite to become a member of the blog.

no more invites left
waiting list if you are interested

Monday, August 10, 2009


announcing the winners (yes, winnerS) from the tour de france sock challenge. it must have been a rough race because we only had 8 finishers out of 25 starters! and i really did start a sock, honest! (we won't talk about maz who managed to finish THREE PAIRS! of very complicated, designed her own socks...nope. maz, you put us all to shame!)

the winners from the random drawing (done the old fashion way with pieces of pattern and a jar) are:




you each win two skeins of crystal palace yarn of your choice and color. please email me at carefreekal at gmail dot com with your snail mail addy, along with 2 yarn selections and 2 color selection. of course, failure to do one of these will result in forfeiture of prize to MOI! gotta love being a mod! LOL!

congrats to the winners! now, on to the mystery!!!!!!!!!!