Saturday, December 6, 2008

my finished objects

till november 30 th:

the cable socks are finished.... they needed 402 yards

and the Mystery Garden Socks are finished with 368 Yards

Thanks for this funny KAL


Both socks in one pic:

Friday, December 5, 2008

How to Vote for CPY projects

OK, there's a blogpost below with pics of all the eligible items that were made "predominantly" with Crystal Palace Yarns.
anyone who actually knit or crocheted anything at all in this KAL [that includes me] is eligible for one vote.
so go to that blog post voting for prize 1 and select your fave.

then, email me - i am not entered and i promise to be fair and unbiased. i will check your name off the list. There are 45 folks who contributed

Radka, Breien, VeganCraftastic, Pe, jhdforjc-Katie, jhdforjc-Jody, Maria, Mrs AA, Julie, Jane, Knittingchic, Lorraine, billnjeanm, Kadezmom, Aunt Kathy, Debi, peacockmom, mtannie, tapmouse, owlsrook, Molly, Cathy, Tangled, Adrienne, alma, Rachel, Laura, MLJ1954, maz, lovs2knit, Stephanie, ak, knitterbeader, barbarame, knitting linguist, morenna, Melissa, Grace, Lorraine, Sue, socklady, Sailorcross, rita, Stephanie, stilaholic Nartain

before i open the voting - check for your name. let me know if we forgot you or you are here

voting for Prize 1

"favorite project made with crystal palace yarns"

First- final details:
our official kal has ended. i cannot believe that the two months are already over.
you still have a week to post any projects which were finished as of november 30th, 11:59 pm (whatever time zone).
debi has been tracking the number of projects started, finished, and how many yards we've used. you will be amazed!

Now: here we have the projects which qualify for the "favorite project made with cpy" contest. you will get to vote for your favorite project. in case of a tie, we will resort to the old-fashion "draw a name from a margarita glass".

i am sure that you will agree that all of them are wonderful. it will be hard to pick just one!! good luck to everyone!

fingerless gloves (panda soy, stained glass):

2. merletto mitts (panda wool, red lacquer):

3. through the loop mystery socks (panda cotton, fuchsia):

4. sweetie pie socks (panda soy, poppy red):

5. emily stitch socks (panda wool, violets & periwinkle):

6. basketweave socks (panda wool, basil curry):

7. monkey socks (panda wool, circus):

8. husband socks (panda soy, sable):


9. charade socks (panda wool, periwinkle & violets):

10. toe-up socks (panda soy, cocoa mint):

let the voting begin. voting will close on monday, december 8th at noon (pst).

Couple of finished projects

I managed to finish up a few things for the contest; the candy cane holders and my husband's hat are done! Yay! *grin*
The 12 crocheted candy cane holders each took about 20 yards of size 10 crochet thread; I used DMC Baroque and a US size 7 hook. The grand yardage total is 240 yards.

The knit hat took almost an entire skein of I love this Yarn in Natural Stripe on US 7 needles. I used about 4.5 ounces of the 5 ounce, 252 yd. skein or about 226 yards.

Voting for the CPY project

Hi folks,

we had to close the poll as we had some problems.

specifically, we had folks who were not blog-members voting.

we are now discussing how to handle this issue.

back soon once we figure it out.

likely probability is that I [drlaura] will take email votes - since i'm not entered in any contests, but just knit along with you for fun.

i may also have you comment on the blog pic post, as i can vet comments with a chart to verify who is a member and who has voted.

once Susan/CPY and i decide how to be fair, we'll tell you.


final picture deadline

don't forget!!!!!

you still have until monday 12/8 to post any projects which were finished as of november 30th, 11:59 pm (whatever time zone).

this is an extra week.

debi has been tracking the number of projects started, finished, and how many yards we've used. you will be amazed!

if you are having trouble posting pics, email one of us -your moderators [i'm proflauraATfirststepinternetDOTcom], and we'll post for you!

you have until 12/8 monday - i'll check on time, but probably until 11:59 pm.

are YOU a winner of Mini-Mochi??

on the cpy blog CPYsocksandmore
i announced the four 4 !! mini-mochi winners several days ago and only ONE of 4 winners has contacted me.... so far.


first option.... how long must i wait before i claim the yarn for myself...




i will er umm split it with my co-moderators Adrienne & Debi??? [co-conspirators?]

seriously, folks... we want to send your prizes, so if you entered, do go take a look. i hope it's YOU !!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cashmere Clapotis

I finished knitting that Clapotis scarf a week ago, but it's been languishing in my knitting bag, waiting to be blocked into shape. Last night, I finally got around to blocking it, and this morning, it was dry and ready for its photo debut.Cashmere is such a diva.
Pattern: Clapotis from Knitty
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, 3 skeins (300 yards)
Needles: Denise US size 6
Modifications: the pattern called for a few too many repeats for my taste, so I only did about six of them. I'm really glad I did, because even with cutting the pattern short, I still had an 8-inch wide scarf! Once the stitches were dropped, the width really grew!
Length: about 5 1/2 feet once blocked

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

who wants some mini-mochi

...before it is released to the general public?!

me! me! pick ME! actually i am going to be good and not get into it. BUT i am willing to share. if you go over to the socks and more blog, you will find a little drawing for some mini-mochi.

crystal palace yarns is giving 4 lucky people 2 skeins of mini-mochi. all you have to do is leave a comment here before december 2, 2008 (midnight pst) and you are entered. winners will be selected by random number generator. unfortunately, the drawing is restricted to people who live in the usa.

now, don't say i didn't tell you.

ps. make sure you leave a comment on my post about my "pair" of mini-mochi. don't listen to debi. she cheats. thank you.

Second Market Bag

Here is my daughter's second market bag.

I actually just finished it this evening, so it won't count towards yardage. I did post a beginning photo, and someone (I don't remember who!!) said that they would like to see a completed picture. Both market bags were designed by Cathy Phillips of CAP's Crochet, and I love the way they turned out--if I say so myself!!


Here are my last finished hats...

I finished my granddaughter's hats. I posted the progress photo of the black/pink one. But I wasn't able to post the brown hat's progress. So if that one doesn't count. Just dont count the yards. The black pink hat is 130 yards of Caron yarn. The brown multicolor one, I used Paton's Classic Wool and used about 150 yards. And these new hats match their coats perfectly.

This KAL was so fun, I just thought I would get more done. Oh, well! I have so many other things to do that I dont get much time to knit. I did find out that I love knitting hats. I am now off to start knitting some hats for my church and then donating to children who need them.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Prizes for final drawing

Here is the list of prizes which are being generously donated by Susan of Crystal Palace Yarns.
  • Prize 1: Winner of Favorite Project made with CPY (minimum of 75% CPY) will receive his/her choice of 4 skeins of any yarn (except mini-mochi) available from Crystal Palace Yarns. Winner will be asked to list top 3 color choices. Color will be subject to availability. Winner will be determined by voting.
  • Grand prize winner, drawn from finished project entries, will receive his/her choice of 4 skeins of any yarn (except mini-mochi) available from Crystal Palace Yarns. Winner will be asked to list top 3 color choices. Color will be subject to availability.
  • 12 winners, drawn from finished project entries, will receive his/her choice of 2 skeins of any yarn (except mini-mochi) available from Crystal Palace Yarns. Winners will be asked to list 2 yarn selections and top 3 color choices. Yarn and color will be subject to availability.
There will be a very limited supply of the new Panda Wool Superwash and new colors of Panda Cotton. Sorry, no mini-mochi yet as it will not be available in time for this kal.

That's 14 winners!! (...whispering... have you finished a project yet?)

Thank you, Susan!

greetings from the frog pond!

in honor of the time i spent down at the frog pond talking to all my little friends, i decided to hold a special drawing from all those who commented on my "it's a pair...of mini-mochi" post.

all the names were placed in a margarita glass!!! and the winner is...

stilaholic nartian knits

who wins one of my little "friends" from the pond. "debby" is going to be living at your house as soon as i get your addy! email me when you have time!!

One more to add and it is for ME!

Hi, here is one more project to add to the list! I am so excited. This is the first one for me and not as a gift. But, the first mitt is a little bigger than the second. HOW DO YOU STOP DOING THAT? Please comment I also wonder why the pattern says to pick up only 13 (7on bottom and 6 on top.) I got 14 on both mittens and picked up more on the side too (3 on each side.)
I used RY Classic Yarns Natural Silk Aran. I won it at a drawing on Stephanie Pearl McPhee's birthday party at my LYS! Two skeins at 142 yards. The pattern is Knitty's summer 2006 Fetching. I changed my first pattern (by adding one more cable and 2~ 4X1 ribbing near the fingers plus lengthening the thumb) too. It is also my first try at a project with cables. My niece also wants a pair in black. I think that will take longer because it will be harder to see OTN's but I know what to get her for Christmas and it is in my stash too! Whee, for stash.
I know as my daughter and I look back on our first KAL together that we will have fond memories to look back on. Thanks for the fun. Katie is so excited to have done this. I just hope that one of us wins something because I would like to give the yarn to her! (She does not know about the economy situation, but my husband might lose his job this month and she still believes in Santa.) I would believe in a Crafter's Santa if it would work! So, all of you prayer warrior knitter's keep us mama's and daddy's in mind and in your prayers this holiday. I will be praying for you all too.
This was so fun! Thanks again to all of you who worked so hard to organize this and urge us to step up our holiday giving!

blessings, jdhforjc
and knit-frog-knit on ravelry

One Last FO

I managed to finish one more project before the KAL finished. Socks were finished on 29 Nov but I was busy all weekend.

These are for my 7 year old daughter. The basic pattern was generated with Sock Wizard for Mac. They are toe up, two at a time, Magic Loop with k3, p2 ribbing and a picot bind off. I used one 50g ball of Knit Picks Essential Multi sock yarn, 231 yards. The colorway is Fruit Punch multi.


does anyone know how to set up a voting poll so the results stay hidden? blogger seems to only have one that shows the results after one votes.

i am working on getting all the projects eligible for the fav cpy project vote together but blogger is being really bad and is not allowing me to grab photos. so, voting may be start a bit later than today; depending on blogger's mood (which is NOT very good right now).

Sunday, November 30, 2008

winding down

well, our first carefree kal is almost at an end. you need to finish your projects by this sunday, nov. 30th for them to count towards the final drawing. you will have until monday, dec 8th (noon pst) to get your pictures posted. (see how kind we are?!).

i will be posting pictures of all the projects made with crystal palace yarns on monday, dec. 1st and you will get to vote on your favorite project. voting will end on monday, dec. 8th. if you are still working on a project made with cpy and you want it included in the "favorite project" contest, please post by monday morning (dec 1).

we hope that you will continue posting your projects to the kal after the official end date. we love seeing all your projects and get so much inspiration from them (meaning that my "want to do" list is getting much longer than my "able to do" list). i have been awestruck by all of you who knit things in "PAIRS". sometimes, i just don't get it! ; P

we will be starting a new kal sometime in january and will be keeping it on this blog so stick around for more fun.

Another hat...

I finished another hat for my oldest granddaughter, but did not have time to post progress pic. I went out of town for Thanksgiving and didnt bring my camera's upload cable. So I couldnt post a picture. If it counts, then let me know and will post a pic ASAP. I wish I could have gotten more done, but my busy life gets in the way.

Happy Holidays to all!

So close

Pattern Norwegian Gloves by Nancy Bush, US4, off white-Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool natural, blue-Patons Classic Wool Merino new denim. Changed cuff pattern. So far used 177 yards. Could have been done sooner, but ripped out ring finger of right glove two times.

ETA: finished Dec 1st around 9pm. Used total of about 221 yards of yarn.
Pattern is a free pdf from Interweave Press.

Panda Cotton Socks!

I am nearly done with this pair of socks I am making with Crystal Palace Panda Cotton in Strawberry Kiwi! I just Love the color! I started them before Thanksgiving and have only the toe of the second sock to finish tonight. They are wondrous!

One more dishcloth

Here is a picture of the latest finished object: The Mighty Miter Dishcloth from Creative Knitting, November 2007.

Tally Time... Even though I have much more OTN

Ok looks like it's tally up time.

Here is the face mask hat I made for my sisters ex-husband number 1. Yeah there are more then 1, lol. I used Red heart super saver yarn in green... It took almost a whole skein... 352 yards crocheted

These are Christmas Ornaments. These are what I have been working on for the past two weeks. I am using red heart yarn for these too, in red white and green. I have made 19 Ornaments so far and they are crocheted and I have used 168 yards of yarn so far. They average about 7 yards each except for the candy canes, they take about 14 yards.

This is a candy cane heart dishcloth I knitted. I love this pattern. I used 100% cotton Peaches and Creme and it took 120 yards.

I posted about this Olympic scarf last month, it's finally finished and in the mail to a lucky athlete. This wavy scarf was fin to make and I already have a request from my niece to make her one just like it but in pink and purple. I knitted this using red heart yarn in white and delft blue, I used 3/4 of a skein of each color... total yards... 480.

I also showed one of these cloths started and one finished last month, I have since finished the second one and here is the picture of them both.

Peaches and Creme Christmas colors, I knitted these using 220 yards total for the two cloths.

Aunt Kathy

Final Project

I finished the birthday socks. They will be given next Sunday. Grandson's favorite colors are green and orange. Knit Picks Essentials yarn, US #1/2.25mm needles, pattern is Binsenkorbchen by Stephanie van der Linden. Yarn used about 300 yds.

Panda Soy toe-up socks finished!!

Hooray! I finished my first ever pair of toe-up socks! I used approx. 350 yards of Panda Soy in cocoa mint. Very soft, pretty yarn! I'm so happy with how they turned out:

Thanks for a fun KAL!! I enjoyed seeing everyone's great projects!!