Saturday, March 13, 2010

March progress photo

This is my new project for March. It was started on the first, and the picture is a few days old - I'm just about to bind off for the first sock tonight.
Interlocking Leaves (Kelly Porpiglia), Oasis Yarn Aussi Sock 'Oak Moss,' 2.5mm dpns.

I'm still working on my Mexican Waters Lattice Socks, too.

Speed Sock Knitting.

Some one here on this blog has encouraged me to join 2 different speed sock knitting contests. In truth we thought one would be done by the time the second one started. So, 2 patterns came out within 4 days of each other.

This is a sideways sock. You knit a bunch, divide the stitches in half knit each half a bunch more. Graph to form a tube. Add a toe, add a toe to the heel, then add a cuff. Over 250 grafted stitches.
Finally this is what you get. The yarn had been in my stash for many a years. If it was wine it would be a vintage year by now. Patons Kroy is the yarn, it happen to be sitting right beside the computer when the pattern came out so seemed perfect to use. This pattern was for Sock Madness.

Iron Knitter pattern. Pattern came out last Sat. One has to solve clues to get the pattern. Clues were tough on this one. Yarn is Knit Picks Gloss. I have some in my family that study yarns are a must. Lots and lots of cables on this pair. This pattern had a heel that I had never done before.
Now to rest up for the next ?????? Oh and packing for Calif. I get 8 days in the sun (there better be some). On an island. Oh much fun can a Mom have. My daughter's job has her in a condo there. We will be looking for a Wedding Dress for her. But, lucky for me she will still have to work so I have all DAY to knit and play on the beach. Counting the days.......hours, minutes, seconds.........

12m/12p/12boy - March - Brenda (Owlsrook)

March in Progress Photos - Mini Mochi scarf in "Colour #115 - Purple Dawn", kind of a slow knitter this month due to sore hands, but it's coming along.

Owlsrook on Ravelry

12/months/12projects/12 balls

Started these on the 1st. should have them completed by the end of the month.. I'm in love with this pattern!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March Project

Alice Sock

This is the beginning of my first "Queen Alice" sock from the Woolgirl Alice in Wonderland Sock Club.
Started: March 5
Yarn: Dashing Dachs Dach Sox Sport in Alice
Other particulars: 76 sts on 2.5mm needles

Edited 3/11:

Here are the finished socks:
Alice socks finished
Alice sock detail

Finished: March 10

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Pair of Little Girl Shrugs

My March 12m/12p/12boy project was a pair of shrugs for my daughter and my neice. They are 3 months apart, so I made size 2T for both and have yet to decide which one I'm keeping and which I am giving.
The top one is the Whirligig Shrug from Interweave Magazine (winter 2009) and the bottom one is th Little Girl's Shrug from Knitting Pure and Simple. I love the LGS pattern so much. It is super easy, has 5 sizes and can be altered easily to make a cardigan, short sleeved, long, sleeved, lace vs. rib finished edging. I love patterns that can play with.
I made them both with Red Heart Eco-ways Yarn. Not the most glamourous yarn, but soft and machine washable which is just right for toddlers. I used most of 2 balls for both, so about 350 yrds.
Jill (jaerrt on ravelry)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Project

Here is the start of my March project. It is going to be a pair of domino socks. This is the large domino square that will be on top of the foot.

olympics & 12m/12p/12boy kals

did i miss anyone's project? let me know before i draw winners for the olympics kal!

are you all having a good weekend? i am almost done with clue 4 (out of 6) on my spitzbergen. i am learning how to count better. =D

how about a spring cleaning kal next? finish some of your ufo's for a chance to win yarn? not that i have any... **cough, choke**

March - a time for new beginnings

SKA on Ravelry has a mystery sock this month. This is what clue 1 looks like. I have started the second sock clue 1. The cotton yarn has great stitch definition, helped by all the twisted stitches.

Another Ravelry group I belong to is Project Yarnway. It started in February where the challenge was to use stash yarn. My Olympic socks worked for that challenge. This month the theme is Innovation. The project can only contain 20% yarn. The rest must be something sold for some other purpose. My materials are olive green rayon seam binding and black tape of the kind used for hanger loops in garment shoulders. I'm knitting a scarf. This stuff is hard to knit with as it has no give. I don't know how long I'll make the scarf. There is lots of material to work with. The tape has #00 yards, number is unreadable. The seam binding started with 100 yds.

The blue socks have been on my to-do list since 2003. I bought the yarn and pattern on a trip to Washington state to see my sister. I was able to fit them into this month's SKA lace challenge. The pattern is called Walking Away. The lace is down the back of the sock. The front is 1x1 ribbing. The foot is stockinette with a round toe.