Saturday, February 26, 2011

primetime Februrary

Well here is my last 19 days. I am so happy today.
Hubby is home. Nate is at his 1st big boy birthday party.
Katie got 1st place at her quiz meet, going to district!
First snow day, found cancer, removed cancer. And my wacky
Crystal Palace Red Laquer cowl has been through it all.
6mm needles, no pattern and it looks bad because of the meds.
But, I will always cherish this piece (and the striped sock monkey!)
6mm needles, 120 yds. and needs blocking badly! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Socks and Scarf in February

Finshed green socks used about 260yds Panda Superwash. Finished Rodekool scarf used 193yds Mini Mochi.

Friday, February 25, 2011

March KAL Project -- Meadow Cardi -- Loosely on the Meadow bolero with the following changes -- replaced linen stitch with stockinete, will lengthen the entire item to make a sweater - increasing the lace portion ( I added a garter stitch row to separate the two) -- will lengthen the sleeves -- I am thinking 3/4 length. Also, I saw some really crazy pink rhinestone bottons on etsy today, I may order 5 of them an add bottonholes. This is for me (no....this is not and extention of me, me, me!) I can change it as I go. I have just started the l
THE SPECIFICS: Marble Chunky Yarn, 2 skeins, size 10.5 needles. Free Pattern is on Ravelry. I have put this in my Projets part of my Ravelry notebook. This pattern is fun to knit -- one piece from the neck down--and easy to customize!! --- Tracy in Meadview, AZ

Me, Me, Me!!

Lace and Colorwork Wimple
, a pattern by Annie Modesitt, from the book 'Successful Lace Knitting' (Donna Druchunas).

This was a very enjoyable project! The yarn, Plymouth Dye for Me Dancing Toes, is an alpaca/merino blend which I dyed. The brown and cream colours are from onion skins, while the coral and green are from food paste.

Yarn yardage: 672 yards/176 grams
Needles: US5/3.75mm

i have a february project!

seaman's knot scarf
crystal palace yarns merino 5 charcoal #5235

merino 5 gray scarf

seamans scarf 1

love the stitch definition i got with the yarn.

February Projects Done

I finished up both my projects for February this week.  I finished the undulating rib socks in alpaca on Sunday:
laid out flat

on my daughter's feet

These took up 272 yards of yarn.  My daughter likes them on the short side.  These are really on the long side for her.

And I finished up my first towel in the moss grid stitch pattern.  I used 285 yards of cotton yarn. 
I love how the colors pooled into darts across the fabric. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Primetime February

Once again I just make it in for the month. I finished my Princess Frog Monkey socks, the yarn is from Miss Babs. I used almost all of the yarn which was my reason for doing two at a time. I kinda like this method. I just keep knitting till I use most of the yarn that's the part I enjoy, not a lot left over.

I'm still working on Monica's wedding veil. It's a slow process I'm at 588 stitch's and each round takes me to long so I don't work all that hard on it. But I will get it done and the 4 other wraps that have to be done this year. Just thought I would give up update pictures on it.

I've started a pair of socks for Chris he finally asked for a pair. I don't like to make them for the boys, they have BIG feet size 12.5 so it does take some time.

I am using Cascade 220 superwash for these socks and a size 3 needle so they should go fairly fast but we will see. I have to work on that shawl. So till next month hopefully I'll make it a little sooner.

Happily knitting, Bye.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

5 days left

And kadezmom comes limping towards the line. I used 375 yards of encore worsted.

primetime Februrary

Hi, here are my projects for Feburary. I do not know if I will finish this month. Diagnosed with breast cancer two week ago Monday. I had a lumpcetomy and lymphnodes removed. Will get results back tomorrow on the next steps. It is really fun knitting and typing on pain meds! So I will try.

Finished ones first. Two coffee cozy's in left over Noro worsted for the Portland Yarn crawl for a friend am I.

Progress I am making a second pair of slippers to go over my handknit socks and I took a picture with the 1st pair and the new skein for accountability. I like these very much because I am always cold. They are a lovely purple tweed wool from Cascade. Used the wholes skein of the first one and expect to do so on the second gift for someone else as well.

Next PandaSilk dk plain made up cowl for knitting while mediatced. First time using this arrn ansdI like it very much. It is Laquer red in color and a happy color.
Sweater for my neighbors pet. Wayover my head to do with out a pattern but I am trying.
and Lastly Lip balm holders for a United Way crarft fair for a friend. These are crochet and pretty fast.
I wish I could finish my Oregon socks but they are soo complicated right now. Finished pictures soon

Fish tails and socks - progress

I participated in the Rodekool Brioche Scarf KAL too. (rav project page) Even the same color of Mini Mochi (neptune) as Lorraine. My scarf took a little less than 1 skein, so about 193 yds. Needles US 5 (3.75mm). Started it Jan 1st, finished Feb 10th.
This was an easy/hard(@#^&) scarf. It's a four row repeat and I just couldn't get the hang of the first row till almost the end. And separating for the ribbed section messed me up both times. The 2nd -4th rows were a breeze. My 9yr old model loves it.

The second project are a pair of toe-up socks I'm teaching. It's interesting how several people can have the same idea at about the same time.
I came up with this pattern on my own after knitting some regular top-down heel flap socks. It involved a lot of frogging. At the time I couldn't find any patterns with this construction, but now I'm starting to see this construction in some published patterns.
These socks are in Panda Superwash, color leaf shades, needles US 1 1/2 (2.5mm). Hope to have them done before the end of the month.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Me! Me! Me!

The lace cowl, Lara, is such a lovely thing! It's always nice when something simple is also easy on the eye! I knit it using an alpaca/silk/cashmere blend, so it is scrumptiously soft!

406 yards/93 grams, on US5/3.75mm needles.

Monday, February 21, 2011

All About ME!

I've cast on a new project, the Pretty Thing cowl by the Yarn Harlot. I'm using one of my new yarns, a merino/lambswool/angora blend in colorway Wine and Roses. I expect to have this one finished fairly quickly - it's only 61 rows!

Very Girly Pretty Rose Thing in Lost City Knits Merino/Angora

Cloisters by MimKnits is coming along as well. It's a smooth, but not challenging knit, which is a nice change of pace from my usual choices.

Cloisters in Oak Barn Merino


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Finished My Scarf

I finished up my scarf. I decided to keep it short and add buttons.

More for Me!

I posted earlier about these mittens. (Details on February 1) They took 196 yards of worsted weight wool and are my own design. Of course, they match my coat. I wore it to the yarn store.

By them selves, they are not enough yardage. Then I remembered the KAL on Ravelry. We did/are doing a two color brioche scarf from Knitty called Rodekool. Yarn called for is CPY Mini Mochi.

I ran short on yarn, frogged back, still was a little short, was able to get yarn from someone else, and I finished about January 30 for the final time. 195 yards of yarn.

Yarn: CPY Mini Mochi in Neptune Rainbow
Needles: US #5/3.75 mm

Originally, I had bought another yarn, because I don't have local access to Mini Mochi. Decision was made to knit the scarf in that yarn also. I'm not sure who will wear the scarf, it may become a gift. One yarn is Jojoland Melody superwash. The other is Aussi Sock. The pattern is tricky, so I decided to knit it again while I remembered the tricks.