Saturday, October 11, 2008

First Candy Corn Bag Done!

One down (minus the I-cord handle) and one to go! I should get the second one finished this next week. I decided to wait until both bags were finished before doing the I-cord in case I ran short on yellow yarn. My niece and nephew should have the bags in plenty of time for Halloween Trick-or-Treating.

The pattern called for equal width stripes of color, but I made the orange section larger and the white section much smaller so that it looks more like the candy.

Fidget in Progress

I started this 'Fidget' (neck warmer) yesterday. I'm knitting it with a luscious yarn - Araucania, a hand dyed wool/alpaca/silk blend. It's not as bulky as I thought it would be, so I cast on extra stitches - 23 instead of 17, to get the width.

purple sock finished

I weighed this and it was exactly 30 gms of 50 gms ball which is "approx 105 metres" on the label. This means each sock would take about 63 meters or almost 69 yards or 138 yds for the pair.

favorite sock

Lorna's shepherd sock yarn in Devon colorway. Anne Hanson's "sock pattern to end all sock patterns". I make a 3" cuff and have a short foot (US size 6) and can make a pair out of one skein which is 215 yards with a yard leftover.

Purple socks

Isabelle sock pattern using overdyed Merino Magic yarn by Heirloom (Australian). It is machine washable 100% wool. This will be a gift for my cousin who loves purple.

New to the KAL

Hi, everyone! I'm a new kid on the block (thanks to Adrienne for sending me this way), so I thought I'd start with an update post on what I've been working on so far.

First up is a neckwarmer that I knit and finished; it's probably going to go to my SIL for Christmas.
That's it blocking this morning (even though I finished it last week). This is knit from Shivaya Naturals Peruvian Alpaca; I used about half the skein, so 150 yards. The pattern is one of Anne Hanson's that I was test-knitting; it hasn't been released yet. I'll probably knit another one for myself from the rest of the skein (this yarn is fabulous). This is the only one of my October projects I've finished so far; all the others have what feels like a long way to go (and isn't the point some kind of project completion?).

The next one is a sweater I've started for my husband. This one will take a while, but with luck I'll have it finished for the holidays (maybe even Thanksgiving, if I'm particularly diligent).
It's a much more chocolatey brown than that, but the sun rather bleached it out in the photo. This is the Big Thaw Pullover, knit in the size for a 48-inch chest, using Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton yarn, in the Toffee colorway. I'm about 125 yards in.

And last but not least, I'm working on a pair of socks for someone else, in her handspun merino/angora yarn (it's Bunny Patch, from Newhue Handspun Yarn, in the Oasis colorway).
I'm improvising this pattern myself, and am another repeat in from what you can see in that picture (two kids' soccer games today provided a lot of knitting time -- but they both won!)(that hasn't happened yet this season; it's been a rough one). I'm at just about 100 yards on these socks so far, and getting ready to end the leg and work my way down the foot.

So, there they are. I've also cast on for a scarf that I'm knitting for a friend out of my own handspun, but as I'm less than 25 yards in, I'll hold off on posting about that one for next time (although I suppose that would bring my grand total up to 400 yards, but is it 100 yards per project as a minimum, or units of 100 yards overall?). Meanwhile, I've promised myself that there will be no more casting on until something has been cast off. Of course, there's always spinning to be done...

Completed Projects

Hi all! Here is my first post of completed projects: 2 dishcloths and a mini sweater.
I'd say my yardage for these projects is about 150 yards.

The mini sweater is for a co-worker who is celebrating her 10-year anniversary at our company. I added the 10 to the sweater with beads.

At Last, Two Items Started!!

Finally, I have been able to begin!!

First, here is an Irish Hiking Scarf that I am making for my daughter, Cara. Hopefully, I'll have time to finish a hat and mittens, too! This is made of Caron Simply Soft in Deep Teal.

Then, I have the start of a market bag for my other daughter Lindsay who is going "green". This is called Lacy V Market Bag, done in Peaches 'n Creme natural

Finally, I've started!!!!!

First Sock Done

I got the first sock done. I liked how it turned out. I am not sure what the yardage is yet. One skein of yarn is 210 meters. I did not use the entire skein on the sock. Then there is converting from meters to yards.

Another started...

I started another project and realized the point is to FINISH projects, right Adrienne? So I am posting this new project-EZ mocassin socks for a friend-and will not post again unless I have a finished item or two to accompany! (I had just received a Knit Picks order with new needles, this book and my yarn for gifts-what was I to do?)

I've been busy!

Even though I haven't been posting...

I have a couple of works in progress for this KAL - of course socks (is there anything more fun to knit in the world?!). The first is the luxury SOTM offering from The Knitter The pattern is Licorice Twist by Debbie O'Neill, the yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy. It's the first time I've knit with this yarn and I love it! It's sort of a thick fingering weight which means it will make for a WARM sock this winter.

Isn't the cuff beautiful? It was so much fun to knit! I'm a little less than halfway on the second sock right now. Here's pair #2:

I always knit a pair of Red Sox "good Juju" socks for my younger son in the fall. This year's rendition is a pair of plain vanilla socks (my own design) using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock stripe - Loopy Colorway. I frogged this pair three times but finally decided the yarn called for a really simple pattern.

So far, it's working - Go Sox!

One finished, two started...

Originally uploaded by bianca_b
Simply beautiful. I took this photo yesterday while walking through the park with Wietse.

I also have some finished- and started stuff to show.
A detail and the entire Stocking. It took me a total of 185 meter (202 yards) in total. That is 135 meter for the white and 50 meter for the green yarn. I used 3.5 mm needles to knit the stocking. Used yarn: Scottish Aran Wool, and homespun Merino.

The other photos are showing the start of a sock for Alexa in Trekking XXL-Spring. Color number is 301. The dark picture is showing the start of Block 2 of the Wolhemel KAL blanket, and the sock later that evening. It was almost midnight when I took the photo...

Another new project

I have started at October 8th

Cut Your Teeth

Friday, October 10, 2008

Progress on Cluster Hooded Scarf and New Sock

With five other WIP's I decide to start on a pair of crocheted shelled socks. I am making up the pattern on the socks as I go so hopefully it will turn out o.k. These sock are for me. Nobody else I know likes knitted/ crocheted socks. :(

I am also showing progress on my hooded scarf, so far I have gone through on skein of the Red Heart Supersaver yarn, which is about 360 yards.

It's a Secret Sort Of and a Scarf Start Too

This is a dishcloth I designed for a KAL on a Yahoo group and they are knitting it up as I type so I can't show the finished picture yet... I will in a couple days. I still have to knit a second one to meet the yardage requirement. I didn't get a picture of it in progress as my son had the camera at school and by the time he got home I was finished. Darn those dishcloths for knitting up so fast, lol.

This is the start of 1 of 4 Special Olympic Scarves I am making. I like this pattern a lot, it's pretty easy to remember, the only bad part about this project is it's not a good travel project, needing to carry around 2 skeins of yarn is NOT fun. LOL. So I will work on this from home only.

Of course the scarf is being knitted with red heart delft blue and white as instructed. I figure the finished scarf will use up about 300 yards (1/2 skein of each color?) but not sure since I haven't finished it yet. I'll clarify when it's finished.

Tomorrow I have to go to a family function so I will need some good easy long lasting knitting to bring with me, I have no clue yet what to bring. Maybe a cone of cotton and an easy to remember pattern.


My Hat & Dishcloth

Working on a Lacy Beanie and just have to sew the back seam and work on the blocking a little more. Also started a "Illusion Christmas Tree" dishcloth which is very fast kniting.

The Hat took 1.2 skeins (132 yds) of SWTC Therapi yarn, which was wonderful to work with. The dishcloth is being knitted with two strands and will advise later on amount of yarn used.
Am starting a couple of scarves today, that our local LYS Pacific Fabrics is collecting for the homeless this whole month of October.

hermione's cable & eyelet

i am on the 5th tier of my mitered windowpane sock#1 and am still enjoying the miters. i could probably spend the whole two months of this kal working on these socks. so i figured that i had better work on something that i might have a chance of finishing.

i've started hermione's cable and eyelet hat for my harry potter lovin' niece (who shrank her pair of lovely panda wool horcrux socks). i am using woolease. i have learned my lesson. high school/college students do not know how to sort clothes.


Well one more to add.
I now know what not normal means.

My Next Projects

Well I decided to start the Olympic Scarf sponsored by Coats and Clark. I ripped my sock back since there was a hole in the gusset. I also started a dishcloth and they go pretty fast. Here is a picture of both projects.

1 pair of socks done

I just finished my "At the Catch" Socks, for the Olympic Smackdown competition last night. They will be mailed out later this afternoon to Purls of Wisdom out in CA. They turned out beautifully, and used 350 yards of Berroco Comfort Sock in the color 1702.

Then, because I'm so anxious. I started casting on toe-up, Knotty or Knice socks, from the Interweave Knits, Fall 2008, with Crystal Palace Panda Wool in the colorway 9812 Violets. I received the yarn from the TourdeSox KAL, earlier this summer. They are starting to look really awesome, and my first toe-up socks. It's going pretty smoothly so far ;0)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

'nother one

I must be absolutely nuts!
Beginner that I am, I decided to cast on another project.
But then with being encouraged, and all of that I jumped into the deep end.

Scarf for Zachariah

I forgot my knitting at work. Can you believe it. I was almost home and remembered. Panic. So, I immediately cast on with the yarn for Zachariah's scarf. He had picked out this Malabrigo (sp?) yarn last year and wants a scarf . . . as long as possible.

it is great yarn and colorway!

Progress on Computer Cozy

Here's some progress on my computer monitor cozy. It looks like a brown fuzzball just now. I had to frog once already because my circular needle came apart, but now going along better. This part is made from Crystal Palace Squiggle, Shagg and Splash combined. The first 2 rows are absolutely awful, but after that, it's not too bad. Ironically, this little plastic yarn holder that feeds out each skein individually happened to be a free gift in a Simply Knitting magazine I had just bought. Works splendidly. I'm holding my breath that it will be big enough as the instructions are for a 16 inch monitor and I have a 19 inch. I added 4 more stitches, but am relying on the fact that I knit loosely to give me that extra I need to get around the monitor.

UPDATE: I had the mane 5 rows short of done and ran out of yarn. Yes, those of you who know basic math completely understand that the difference between a 16 and 19 inch monitor is not 4 inches, but closer to 16 in (circumference). Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit.


The other day I started a pair of socks for my oldest daughter. I have quite a few pair of socks for myself so I decided that I'll be knitting a few pair of socks for my daughter and hopefully at least one or two pair for my mom. She only has a few pair of handknit socks so she's in need of more. :)

Here's a progress shot of the socks.

I've decided to work these two at a time, toe up. I'm using Regia Bamboo sock yarn, color 1065. I'm keeping the foot plain but haven't decided what pattern I'll use for the cuff.


This week´s efforts: Starting a cardigan for me (personal pattern) in Trekking 6ply, a sweater for my husbad (personal pattern) in Gobi, a sweater for my daughter (Notre Dame de Grace) and socks in Trekking 1000 that is not yet released, a scarf for a son in Nimbus.

Hope to get through my list for the holidays. Goals for next week: Finish my cardigan, get 20" of husbands sweater, finish scarf.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Finally a chance to post

It's been mayhem in the kadezmom household the past couple of days. At last, there is time to snap/DOWNLOAD/edit/upload and blog.

This is the headwarmer I made for dd1. She loves it. It has disappeared, which means it's a hit. Whooo hooooo!

I enjoy seeing everyone's work. Lovely everyone!!!!

Jane - If I'd have the patience for the window to open (can you say computer issues, as in need a new one!!!).......I was thinking that I have some yarn that pools in a gross way as well, in a similar colorway (it's the cheap italian sock yarn on smiley's). Anyway, I'm thinking about giving the whole lot of it a nice dunk in a chestnut colored dye bath. Whaddya think?

Have a great one!
K's headwarmer
loft color 110 yds

Hey. Sorry about my first set of pics. I have a lower end camera, and it's a TAD picky on lighting. I didn't even notice that the hat looked grey. Thanks for clueing me in GimpyKatK.

Single Sock

I finished one "Plain Jane Sock" using over 100 yards of Patons Stretch Socks on a 12" circular needle. I loved knitting them on the circular needle (switched to dpns for the toe) but I didn't like knitting with this yarn, and I don't like the way the colors pooled. I'll probably make another one anyway, since one sock won't do anyone much good, but I'm not sure what I'll do with them.

I started another sock using LB Magic Stripes - another 'Plain Jane' just around and around the 12" circs letting the self-patterning yarn do the work. I'm liking this sock a lot better.