Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yarn Mail

This showed up in the mail on Friday :)   Panda Silk - 2 of color 3008(mint cream)  and 2 of color 3204(natural ecru).   If I got my contests straight, then 2 are for the Prime Time KAL surprise and 2 are for the March/April KAL on Ravelry in the 50 Socks / 50 States Book group.  Thank you Susan and Adrienne.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blue Diamond Shawl

Blue Diamond Shawl
specifics: in CPY Panda Wool -- baby blue -- 2 full skeins(340 yds) -- maybe 2 yards left...
knit on size 5
Based on the pattern Arcadian -- free on Ravelry -- with the following changes
1. simple picot edging added -- over 6 stitches
2. neck edge done in a double seed stitch
Project can be found on Ravelry -- Blue Diamond Shawl

This, of course, came out much smaller than the original pattern -- since the original is done in worsted. HOWEVER, what it lacks in size, it totally makes up for in softness. I was really pleased with the yarn....amazingly soft, yet still retaining definition on the diamond lace pattern. I "sized up " the needles for better drape....and was pleased.
Finished pattern Folded up

detail and of course....wip!
I recommend both pattern and yarn!
Tracy Van Wormer

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Prime time: June part 1

Dit is met recht een apart paar. En ze komen uit dezelfde bol Mini Mochi. Rara... ik kan beter zeggen: Verrassing! Ze zijn gebreid voor een kindervoet - 6 1/4 inch, toe up.

This is really a special pair. And they are coming out of the same ball of Mini Mochi... Quite a surprise! They are created for children's feet - 6 1/4 inch, toe up.

Am working on part 2 for the Prime time part as we speak... post will follow

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

knit with the palace WINNAHS!!!

so many beautiful projects! you all are super impressive. each entry was assigned a number as it was posted as finished. the more projects you completed, the more entries you had for the drawing. are you ready to see who won the grand prize of either:

door #1 grand prize
12 fulled bags (a book filled with wonderful felted bags)
plus enough yarn to knit a couple of the projects


door #2 grand prize
8 balls of CPY yarn

well, that is going to have to wait as i want to announce a few other winners first. you've got to love susan for her generosity. =)

4th place winner (2 balls of yarn) is



3rd place winner (3 balls of yarn) is



2nd place winner (4 balls of yarn) is


and the grand prize winner is




congratulations to all our winners! please email me at carefreekal at gmail dot com with your mailing address and your choice of yarn with 3 color choices! yes! you get to pick your prize yarn! wheeee! tm, please let me know which prize package you would like. if you pick door #1, please include your favorite color schemes. if you pick door #2, please include your yarn choices with a couple of color choices.

Monday, June 6, 2011

June Primetime KAL another hitchhiker

I took out the blocking pins yesterday and hoped to get a pic of Lisa wearing it, but she's away for the day. I'll post one when I can. The purple yarn was dyed in the crock pot with Wilton's violet frosting dye. The odds and ends of the mini mochi are little treasures to be saved and used for accents when I can. I think it makes all the difference in this project. :) 42 teeth which I think is a great size.