Saturday, March 26, 2011

March primetime

Hi, I have a pile of things for March. Next month I am going to be able to handle fingering yarns. I have two prayer squares, one dishcloth, a Tuesday Evening cowl (nutmeg tones,) and a Reckless cowl (purple.)
I used Encore for the navy square, and Lion Brand for the Earth and sky for the brown and blue square. The dishcloth is Peaches and Creme. The Tuesday Evening cowl is Panda Silk DK doubled. My favorite is totally the Tuesday cowl. I used the whole skeins making it taller. And, finally the reckless cowl. It was TOTALLY RECKLESS. The numbers were off on the pattern and the swirls do not line up. It was also super small because it barely goes over my head. It fits my DD well so she may snake it. I was super disappointed. I may just rip it out and make something else. I am going to try to block it again and see if I can live with it. The yardage was way off also. Nathan just lost both front teeth and had to be in the picture!
I am so glad to be onto different projects! I am going to do the Coquille cowl on the CPY group on Ravelry and the 50 socks New Wheat sock on the 50 socks 50 states group.

I can't wait to do the shawl on the CPY group on Ravelry. It has been a long time with no fingering yarn on my needles.

Prime Time March

I finished the big ass sock for Chris, this is the first time he has asked for a pair and they are now finished. I used cascade 22o superwash size 3 needle. They will fit a size 12 foot and a have a leg 9" long they are what he wanted now I just have to hope they fit.

Now for the bad news I frogged the veil I have been working on I just didn't like how it was turning out. I have restarted, using the pattern from Bad Cat Designs Snow Queen Shawl. I even did a swatch, I added the beads into it so the Bride could pick out what she wanted. There is green, white and olive green. She picked out white and then I thought to use clear so I will have to see which she wants now. Here is the start. I've frogged twice DON'T DROP the nupps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is where my problem began.
So I'm off the knit. Happily knitting, Bye.

Dog Sweater and Ball

For March, I knitted a doggy sweater out of Plymouth Encore in gray that I've had for years.  I used a pattern from Knitter's Magazine.

Duffy's sweater in progress

Duffy modeling his sweater

After finishing the sweater and calculating the yardage used (280 yds.), I decided to crochet a small ball for him to play with to make up the yardage needed.

The finished ball, 36 yards, bringing my March total to 316 yards.

The ball is a success!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Prime Time KAL - 3/11 WIP

Making a vest for my Grandson. I used a Rowan Junior pattern and Comfort DK yarn. I wanted to have something my daughter could throw in the washer.

March Prime time:

Meet Pompom. He visited our home on Monday, as he had a problem. So many children were playing with him, and talking to him, that his nose almost fell into pieces.

 Now that sure is sad, and the teacher asked me if I was able to repair his nose. I am not a puppet doctor though, but I tried. Oh my, his nose sure was in a miserable condition. I had to make him a new one! That same morning, he went back to school, as a class full with children were eagerly waiting for him.

The socks - quite something, but they are finally done. Baroque, done in purple Malabrigo. Enormous, the twisting involved in this pair. 330 yards were used for this pair

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 2011 Prime Time

So far this month I have a baby sweater and a teddy bear completed. I am currently working on a pair of men's socks that I hope to have finished this month,

The original finished photo for the baby sweater must of got deleted because I could not find it. Finished pic of baby sweater is found on my blog:

Monday, March 21, 2011

to all you "selfish" knitters!

did you get your credit? and it looks like some of you can be really "selfish!" LOL! prize drawing will be happening soon!

any suggestions for our next kal? i was thinking maybe a "UFO" kal might be nice...not that I have "any." cough, cough...

edited: 3/23/11
we are thinking of doing something more exciting than ufos's! back to plotting behind the scenes. =)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Sangiovese Stole

Finally finished my pretty Sangiovese Stole, 800+ yds of Lacey Lamb.
Pattern by Lost City Denise