Thursday, May 19, 2011

PrimeTime KAL - May

So this one I really wasn't sure if it was going to get done, but it actually progressed fairly quickly, despite some issues with the lace pattern (again with the lace). This was an interesting project. The designer's gauge didn't match mine AT ALL so I had abandoned my hopes of doing this, cast on something else. That didn't work - frogged - so went back to my original plan, which was Every Last Yard by Amy Swenson.

It's blocking right now, I can't wait to wear it. I'm always amazed at how nicely lace blocks out. And I never used to do it! (mind you, I never used to swatch either - but don't tell anyone).

I used approximately 1,050 yards of Madelinetosh Tosh DK (I LOVE this yarn, so nice to work with).

Here's my in progress pic

And here it is blocking


So I decided to try and do this KAL, since it only takes 1 ball of mini mochi and I have badly wanted to do these absolutely adorable gauntlets. They were part of a pattern club and I had to wait 2 months or so to buy the pattern (since I wasn't part of the club). Here is a pic of the first one, almost done. Hopefully that's enough of an "in progress" pic. I just cast on the 2nd one, and hopefully I get it done by the deadline.

I love learning new techniques, I guess I have Ravelry to thank for that, since I'm mostly self-taught. Thank god for the help forums and youtube vids! For this project I practiced my lace (from which I used to run away screaming), as well as i-cord bindoff.

Oops almost forgot the pattern. It is Arms Akimbo Mitts and here's the Ravelry link

Prime Time May - this should look somewhat familar

Hey, look, another Coquille (but the first from me). This one is in Sausalito Fall Herbs, and graces a post in one of the big parks I walk through. The Sausolito was a generous gift from Susan's Facebook drawing, and I love it (though the piglet was unimpressed).

May Project

I was lucky enough to be chosen on the Ravelry list to receive this yarn:
I decided to make something for myself. Fingerless mittens and a hat to match:

I used the pattern on the Crystal Palace site for this yarn. This was my first time doing cables as well.

Here they are finished. One is just a tad bigger than the other but that's OK. Here is the hat I made to match. I used Chunky Mochi for the brim and the Sausalito for the rest.

It's folded in quarters. I created my own pattern. Here it is laid out flat:

It was a lot of fun to make and now I have pretty things to wear next winter.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This month I caught Mobius Fever. I made a lot of crocheted mobius scarves. I did try to make a knitted one, but I found it a little difficult.


some of you are forgetting to post a progress picture of your projects. you will not get credit if you don't. please don't make me search for one. i get cranky... =(

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Knit With The Palace - again

I finished my second pair of CPY socks, Moonchild in Panda Superwash. Cast on May 2, 2011. Bind off May 16, 2011. 2.5 mm needles.


Knitting a pair of socks and either a hat or a bib for a baby shower I am going to this weekend...wish me luck! The yarn is CPY Maizy and I am using size 3 needles. The socks are almost done...

Monday, May 16, 2011

KWTP - Socks

A quick pair of socks, as I started them on Saturday. They turned out to knit up very quick and I finished them yesterday. Done in Mini Mochi Rainbow colours.

Finished projects for May

I have 2 pairs of socks so far.
These are for my son. He likes the fair isle effect of the Opal/Regia/OnLine type yarns. I like that he can scuff his feet all over the house and they don't wear out in 3 wearings.
Sean's abo socks
Sean's abo socks finished
Started: 4-7-11
Finished: 5-4-11
Yarn: Opal prototype from December 2010
Pattern: vanilla 76 st sock
Needles: 2.5mm

These are for my aunt. They are from The Knitter's Sock of the Month Club March shipment.
Gajra side 1
Gajra Finished side 1
Started: 4-8-11
Finished: 5-11-11
Yarn: Fortissima Shadow Color 164
Pattern: Gajra by Debbie O'Neill
Needles: 2.75mm leg/2.5mm foot

My KWTP project is done but I need to weave in my ends and block it. That will have to be another post!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Primetime May Joyette

I used DK wt yarn for this 2nd Joyette and it took exactly 3 skeins including using the leftover 8 gms from the shawl to make an i-cord for a closure. I started it on May 10 in the evening and was blocking it on the 15th. I gave the first Joyette to a friend and as I started this one for myself, I realized it was meant for our corgi's vet, Lisa. I think of it as a rose for her from Razzle. It is hard to grow roses where we live because the roos eat them, so this one works great as a hug in rose color from all of us. He is now at peace next to her dog on her farm near us. Fred grabbed some hollyhock seeds from a plant we love and the 3 of us sprinkled them on top of his grave. Amazingly, the flowers are this color instead of our others which are a pale pink.

I'll take a pic of her wearing it when we can finally deliver it most likely next week. This was another case of knitting being therapeutic and healing. I hope she feels the love knit into it.

Prime Time May Finish

I finished this in the beginning of May, but I was lazy and didn't post it here.

It's a Mario 3 Piranha Plant Scarf. It's crocheted in Caron Simply Soft with an I hook, and used between 550-600 yards of yarn. I wrote out the pattern for it, so you can check that out too:

Prime Time - May

Since some of my knitting is Crystal Palace yarn, I'm designating this charity project for Prime Time. The charity is women2women-knitting4peace. I'm doing skinny "fashionista" scarves which will go to kids in third world countries as a reward for doing things like show up at the medical clinic. I have knit 6 scarves so far for a total of 239 yards. I'm getting odd balls of bulky yarn out of my stash. One scarf is purled I-cord, the others are garter stitch on 4 or 5 sts until I run out of yarn. I plan to do at least 10 scarves by the end of the month.