Thursday, December 16, 2010

A couple more Holiday KAL projects finished

This is a Guppie Hat I made for a Coworker's son. I used Vanna Solids yarn. Along with the mittens, I used every last yard of the orange skein and about 3/4 of the Beige, so 300 yrds. It was a very quick knit, but lots of stockinette and picky finishing. Cute though.

WIP picture.

This was a test knit I did for an Offset Cabled Cardigan. I made this for a co-worker's new baby (baby boom happening in my department!) I used Softee Baby as per the designer's suggestion. It was perfect for the sweater and so dainty and girly when finished. I used about 3/4 of the ball so just over 340 yrds.

WIP pic
I have to finish my 12M project too, but might be able to eke out another holiday one yet...... we'll see.
p.s. I have to share these mittens with you. I did them for another test knit and used the Mini Mochi that I won in last years Holiday KAL. They are soooooooo cute. I didn't want to post the pic here, but this is the link to my Ravelry page.

please welcome our new members!

a big carefree kal welcome to:

susan in michigan who has been busy knitting along with the 50 socks group

lisa who has been busying knitting with susan at the iron knitter 2 competiton

and to

christy who will be busy kal'ing with us in 2011!

12/17: welcome, lynda!

December Project Finished!

These would have been done sooner but my full spectrum lamp broke. Luckily my hubby had pity on me and bought a new one for Christmas (early)!
My Xmas socks
My Xmas socks finished
Started: 12-3-10
Finished: 12-14-10
Yarn: Studio June Sock Luck "It's a Loopy Christmas"
Pattern: vanilla 72st pattern
Needles: 2.5mm



I did another two row scarf. It will be for my friend's 50th birthday. She just went through chemo and the hat I made her was too small. (But, Katie took it!) Anyways I used 2skeins of Noro150A and 250A and two skeins of Boku color 1 and color15. I thought it was different than the first one I made so I put that in the background so y'all know there is two different ones. I had lots of ends to weave in because the colors were similar. I wish I had a better camera so you can see how pretty they are! I am so excited to have made it through for the whole year! This one was fun. I am still trying to finish a hat for Darin, and a scarf for Katie. This one and my other two-row scarves are on rav under knit-frog-knit's projects. The link to the pattern is there too. The onlt mod I did was slip purl-wise on every beginning row. I got the mod from the Yarn Harlot, she rocks. But, NOT AS MUCH AS ADRIENNE FOR BEING A FABULOUS MOD!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!

Last one for Holiday Kal

Een eenvoudig paar sokken dit keer, gebreid in Trekking Maxima. Deze voelen warm aan, en het garen wilde absoluut niet tot sokken met een patroon worden verwerkt. Dan gewoon - en nu kun je het streeppatroontje goed zien. Ik vind ze wel grappig!

A simple pair of socks this time, knit in Trekking Maxima. These feel warm, and the yarn resisted to be worked into socks with a pattern. Now you can see the striping in the socks. I think they are cute.

These socks are going in the mail today to Marianne.
I used 330 meters to work this pair, on DPN's #1.5

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


First my favorite project I have done in a while. Sadly I forgot a progress picture. I really wish I could take a picture to see how beautiful this really is.This is a gift in the asked for yarn. Next time and yes there will be a next time. Found this surfing Rav and have a hard time finding it again. Sadly I forgot a progress picture. I also can not seem to get the link to work.

Then we have another Adrienne pattern

Yes these are loud as the new owner loves color. I did remember a progress picture.

I vote that a picture of a shawl taking a bath is progress. Anyone agree?????? I was lucky to be asked to test knit this. I used 100% alpaca. The shawl is not named at this time.
Next up another gift
I did not pick the colors. I was asked to make this one also.
I do have some empty needles right now. How strange is that.

Happy Holidays....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

holiday kal 3

i have one project bummer. i was hoping for more. sigh...




lld done

this will be a gift for my brother. unfortunately, i cannot reveal the color or the pattern yet; but this is a PAIR of socks. yes, a REAL PAIR of socks. i am so proud of myself. LOL!

Monday, December 13, 2010

WIP for December 12m/12p/12boy

I started these in Feb. and got as far as the cuff and then started knitting something else and these got put on the back burner... Determined to finish them this year! The pattern is Annetrelac Socks by Sandy Beadle and I am using Trekking yarn and size 1 square dpn. The pattern is lots of fun.

Holiday gift entry given to Cheryl

I will post the finished pics which I took all at once after they were given a bath and patted to dry. The light wasn't good that day, but with 12 guests coming in a couple of hours, it was the best I could do. I'm going into overload trying to post these. Lesson for next time is to post the start and then take a pic of the finished items in a group. Wish I had done that this time! Sorry it is such a muddle and not as interesting to look at, but after all of this, I wanted to post them. I have lots more that I won't be posting. Need to get back to the 12/12/12 sock!

All of these cloths went home with my friend, Cheryl to use in her new house. I think I posted the starts of these already.

holiday gift entry given to Chris

I am getting lost trying to find some of these pics in my computer to show progress and finished items. I think I posted most of the starts already. All have been given to our friend, Chris who is now hooked on handknit dishcloths which of course delights me. The British Isles cloth and helicopter are Marilyn Wallace designs. Alligator, roo, and horse are by Lisa Millan.
Smaller rooster by Rhonda White. Larger rooster by Alli Barrett.

Holiday Kal-3

A lace cowl and gloves for a very special friend.

Started: 18 Nov 2010/Fin: 26 Nov Nov 2010
Yarn: Plymouth Dye for Me Dancing Toes
385 grams/101 yards
Needles: 4.5mm/US7

Started: 15 Nov 2010/Fin 13 Dec 2010
Yarn: Cascade Heritage
56 grams/245 yards
Needles: 2.5mm/US 1

holiday kal 3

is drawing to a close. you have until december 15th to finish your projects and december 19th to post pictures of your completed items.

please check to make sure that i have given you credit for any holiday projects.

third annual holiday (or not) kal!

announcing the start of the 3rd annual carefree holiday (or not) kal. get started on your holiday gift knitting/crocheting or not!

KAL will start on wednesday, september 15th and will end on wednesday, december 15th. rules will be the same as the 12 months/12 projects/12 balls of yarn KAL. you will get one entry for each "project" you complete and post to the blog. limit of one prize per person. number of final prizes dependent on the number of participants posting finished projects.

the new mini mochi colorways, as well, as the new non-wool mochi yarn, will be available around the end of our contest and will be one of the selections for prizes IF YOU USE CPY! (projects knit with crystal palace yarns must be 90%+ to count.)


who wants to play? leave me a comment!

new to the blog? email carefreekal at gmail dot com and i will get an invite out to you!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

And under the wire…….

I skid in with one whole wopping Holiday kal entry. Life is good.

I used Microfiber Ribbon from Tess' Designer yards, coming in around 650 yards.

Happy knitting everyone! :)