Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another win for warm woolies

Here's a pair of 10 inch long (cuff and foot) fraternal twin socks I made for Warm Woolies. I used 335 yds of patons and knitpicks essentials held together. This was my first pair of socks done 2 at a time on one circular....but I had to make them fraternal cos I'm a very SLOW learner :D (the different colors was the only way I could figure it out)

Friday, May 8, 2009

winners!!! we have WINNERS!

the votes for favorite project made with crystal palace yarns are in and have been counted. all your projects were wonderful and the voting was very close.

the random number generator was visited not once but twice. ufo projects were assigned numbers as they were completed. numbers were assigned to all the 52 week challenge kal participants (you got one entry for each month that you completed a qualifying project).

...and the envelope, please. ***clearing throat***

the winner of the favorite project made with cpy yarns
(for the months of january-march, 2009)



grandma07 (debbie)
for her autumn in ny shawl knit with mini mochi autumn rainbow
she gets to have all the bragging rights and privileges thereto pertaining for the next 3 months
AND wins 4 skeins of yarn of her choice and color from crystal palace yarns.

the winner of the ufo projects random drawing


she wins 2 skeins of yarn of her choice and color from crystal palace yarns.

the winner of the 52 weeks challenge kal random drawing



she wins 2 skeins of yarn of her choice and color from crystal palace yarns.

congratulations to all the winners. please email me at:

carefreekal at gmail dot com

with your address (or i get to keep the yarn) and your choices of yarns and colors. please send at least two choices of colors (as this is subject to availability).

keep knitting those projects. we will have another favorite cpy project contest at the end of june (and who knows when that random number generator will feel like spitting out a number!).

PS. and a huge thank you to susan at crystal palace yarns for providing all the prizes. you are always so generous!

Shawl done

It sure was a fun project....and I finished it this morning. The shawl, created out of Fleece Artist Lace Silk (that I received from Kathy in January) can be pulled throug my wedding ring! Still I need to block it, but thought it would be fun to hang over a branch of the Apple tree... 600 meters are used. The pattern name is Iris by Angelique den Brok-Molendijk.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2 new socks started= 3 singles now

I am knitting another pair of Kala's Sweetie Pie socks as well as Brenda's Winter Frost pattern to help my friend, Jonna with her sock knitting. She is fantastic with bobbin lace and helps me a lot. I now bring some socks in progress to the lace class for our coffee break/quick lesson. She's doing great and my long range goal is for her to knit a pair of Adrienne's Round Robyn's House soon. I dyed some cream Patonyle for these socks and I'm happy to say that Jonna wants to learn how to dye yarn for about 4 or 5 more pairs of socks. Lovely to have a partner in this obsession with knitting socks as well as be in a group with the designers of these lovely patterns.

Round 4

Round 4 of Sock Madness. The pattern was released at 7pm April 30th our time. Had to wait 3 hours for it to be released. That was a long 3 hours. I decided to use the oldest sock yarn I had. I purchased it on ebay before I knew what LYS were. Yes it is not pretty. But, if it did not get used soon I was going to have to kick it out of the house. Which may not have been a bad idea. But, I don't like to waste so..... Here is the start. Pattern is Lucky Diamond by Melissa Goodale.
I finished these May 1 so they will count for May. I never thought these socks would end. The seed/moss stitch seemed to go one forever. When I finished them I went to take the "finished picture" and I had left my camera on from the start picture. I had to recharge the battery before I could take a picture. Thank Goodness a 3 minute charge got me a picture. This is the shot for the contest.
They are not the prettiest socks I have ever seen. I did see a co worker of my hubby wearing a blouse that they match so may give them to her.

After I posted for Sock Madness I took out the cast off and redid the cuff longer. It was only 6 rows and curled.

Here is trying to make them pretty.

frogged... started...on my way!

I recently frogged the shawls that I was working on. Five pages in notes destroyed. I had the idea that lace knitting was not for me. Yesterday I found a simple lace pattern on the website of Wolhemel for a rectangular shawl. I started it and am now well on my way... more than the photo shows ;-) It is a project that I will finish for sure.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I handed over the Mongol Horde hat to it's new owner today, hoping it would look as pictured in my head. With his permission, here it is, exactly the look I wanted for him! He and his wife are absolutely awesome people (she is a fellow EMT); I have some purple felted mittens on my list of things to knit for her.

New cast on projects for 52 week KAL

On May 1st, I cast on the May mystery sock pattern for the SKA Ravelry group, "kiila by Yarnissima" using Panda Soy in Poppy Red:
05.05.09 001

I also cast on another dishcloth:
04.29.09 010

Pattern is here.

favorite cpy projects contest #1

here are the entries for favorite cpy projects for the months of january-march. there were only 3 projects from the ufo kal that qualified so we have decided to put them into a general contest. i know that it will be hard to select just one favorite, so i have decided to let you select TWO favorites.

in addition to the honor of being the crafter of the favorite project with all the bragging rights and privileges thereto pertaining, the winner will receive 4 skeins of crystal palace yarn (winner's choice of yarn and colors, subject to availability).

email your TWO favorites to:

carefreekal at gmail dot com

by monday, may 4th. you must be a member of the carefree kal family to vote.

i think i have all the eligible projects. if you think i missed yours, please let me know and i will add you to the list.

1. Baby Socks- Panda Soy ( Cocoa Mint)

2. Sweetie Pie Socks #1 - Panda Cotton (Dotty Lollipops)

3. Lace Socks - Mini Mochi (Violet Rainbow)

4. Inner Truth Scarf #1- Panda Silk DK

5. Sweetie Pie Socks #2 - Maizy (Sea Gray)

6. SKA Mystery Socks - Panda Cotton (Blue)

7. Salida Socks - Panda Silk #3003

8. Inner Truth Scarf #2- Bamboozle (Faded Jeans)

9. Music Socks - Panda Soy (Ecru)

Fingerless Mitts - Panda Soy (Positively Purple)

Autumn in NY Shawl - Mini Mochi (Autumn Rainbow)

12. Harika Socks _ Maizy (Bittersweet and Meadow Mist)

13. Pothos Socks - Panda Silk (Blue Jeans)

Socks - Panda Soy (Cocoa Mint)

Sweetie Pie Socks #3 - Panda Cotton (Red)

16. Spring Forward Socks - Panda Cotton (Fuchsia)

17. New Year's Day Socks - Panda Cotton #0413