Thursday, September 25, 2008

button, BUTTON, we got a


thank you, steph g. this is the first time i have ever been able to get a button posted on a blog. of course, this may be the ONLY time i will ever get a button posted on a blog. remember to save the image to your own computer.

if you are using blogger, the trick is to:
  • "add a gadget"
  • "add HTML/JavaScript"
  • copy and paste this code to the big blank space: blogger will not let me show you what to copy and paste as it is html code and it makes blogger get confused.
i will try to figure out a way to post it so blogger does not think it is code. but that will be later

if you don't understand this, don't contact me because i don't have a clue.

i love you, steph g. you are my hero. now to see if i can get this dang thing up on my own blog.

1 comment:

drlaura said...

Adrienne, you are sooooooo brilliant!
and StephG thanks for making the button for us!