Monday, December 15, 2008

Thank You!

Thank you in advance for my 2 skeins! I am thinking of trying them out on my sock-knitting machine (I could finish and wear them a LOT faster that way, lol). What a lot of inspiration I have seen here, and I have learned that I really can finish a pair of socks in a month if I really try and my left hand behaves. I have another pair of Charade socks on the needles, this time usng CPY Panda Basil Curry and Saffron. They will NOT be finished in under a month, lol.
Happy holidays to all, send warm knitterly thoughts my way, as it has been below zero here since Saturday. I think I am going to sleep in my stash tonight!


adrienne said...

let us know when you get it! and what you picked!!!!

mtannie said...

Here are my first choices of two different yarns; I won't bog you down with all the options, lol. Whatever I get, it will will be awesome!

Panda Superwash:
1st choice: 2 skeins 2002 Stained Glass

Panda Silk:
1st choice: 2 skeins 4005 Fern Tones