Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tour de France KAL - beginnings

A girl has to meet some challenge. See my start into socks with our national colours. Two weeks to go for finishing them and the mountain socks and the yellow socks. Oh my... But this is all fine with me as I tend to "forget" a second sock. At least I rarely do two socks of the same pattern, but two or even three socks from the same skein, but without the boring duplicate knitting. Then I wear two socks of different patterns, but from the same skein. So far, only few noticed.


adrienne said...

i "love" you, maz.

socks don't have to match!

maz said...

There could be more of us??? Perhaps we are a rare maybe highly developed breed? (actually am not able to say this in English, hmpf)

peacockmom said...

This has long been my own philosophy, too. I think it is a much more creative and interesting way to live life to the fullest. I have many single socks that "go together" coming from the same yarn or sharing some of the yarn or colors.
This new sock of yours looks terrific. :)
Sock knitting is supposed to be fun, right? Fewer 2nd socks = more fun.

kadezmom said...

looking great!.....nice to know I'm not the only one doing multiples! I decided I wanted one from every category....means a few sport socks in the making....but it's fun to try to keep up! Great pattern. Looks complicated