Sunday, August 16, 2009

yeah, done

Here are the finished pics of the Palindrome scarf (on Ravelry) for August. Over 312 yds of one skein and 1/3 of another. I had to make it longer. Now to play until the mystery sock starts! My hubby had to take the picture. I could not get far enough away to take the picture ( I am vertically challenged only 5'4"!) Have a great weekend!



kadezmom said...

You are tall!!!! I'm 5'2".....and petite pants are still several inches too long! I love it.

Would you suggest the palindrome scarf? I'm afraid I'd loose interest too quickly. Whaddya think?

Looks good :D

adrienne said...

vertically challenged at 5'4"?

i'm with kadezmom. you are TALL!

scarf came out lovely.

jdhforjc said...

my hubby is 6'2" so I am short compared to him!
I love the scarf. And will be sending it to a friend soon.