Sunday, August 15, 2010

mini mochi socks for Fred 12/12/12

I finished another pair of "rainbow coast" socks for Fred using Lorraine's bamboo sock pattern which is a favorite to knit and to wear. Mini mochi for the cuffs which took one skein. I like the fraternal look (which is lucky) and did the same for the other pair with my dyed orange knit pick bare for below the ankles. The orange ones have cuffs using Anne Hanson's Gridiron pattern. I'm including these pics so you can compare them to the ones with the blue below the ankles. :) The blue rainbows are for my August 12/12/12 entry. I love this mini mochi yarn and it is never boring to use. I definitely need to get more of it since these socks are quickly becoming Fred's "go to" socks when he goes to a meeting.

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Lorraine said...

I'm glad you like the pattern!