Tuesday, October 12, 2010

November 12/12/12 started + holiday gift progress

Simple skyp pattern by Adrienne Ku for Fred in another peacock (peahen, actually) color only this time in my new all time favorite yarn which is as rare as hen's teeth here in Oz. A dear friend sent me a skein and has RUINED me for other yarns! LOL Lovely to knit as a break from the cotton 10 ply which I've been using for gift dish cloths and towels. That is murder on my hands and I can only do them for a short time before I need to stop and give my hands a break. I will post a pic of progress so I don't lose the pics (again) so you can see what is finished so far. I plan to make at least 7 dishcloths to go with the towel for a Christmas gift. My friend has a new home and this is her favorite color. I did send one cloth home with her recently, and she loved it.
The cotton is at least 15 years old (maybe 20) and I have 10 more skeins of it. Cotton yarn is also extremely difficult to find here so I'm really glad I brought it with me from California 9 years ago.

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