Monday, October 4, 2010

Sept flew fast away

Dang another month gone. Seems like they begin then end in no time lapse at all.

A fun yarn to play with. Yarn is Cha Cha. Very interesting as you knit in the squares of a ribbon type yarn. Scarf used 2 skeins at 66 yards a skein. Below is the finished scarf. This was donated to be raffled off for a charity.

It is fall here so time to start of the Christmas clogs. I have completed 6 pairs so far. I have 8 more to make before Christmas.

Had to make some baby hats.

My new starts. Socks, a sunflower dishcloth, and another hat for our Grandchild. Hat is complete and has been given away already.
I hope October does not run away. But, being today is the 4th already I am guessing it will.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians among us.

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