Friday, February 11, 2011

Finger Lickin' Good!

It's been cold and snowy here in Oklahoma for two weeks now, so when the mail arrived and I saw the CP return address label I tore into the package with the glee of a kid on Christmas morning. New yarn always has that effect on me, and the two gorgeous finger lickin' (look'in'?) good skeins of Panda Superwash in colorway BBQ Sauce are rich and warm in color. A great remedy for the winter blues.

Socks or lace? Socks or lace? I'm not sure so maybe they need to hang out on my desk until I know what they want to be. I'm sure a little fondling will help.



jardinrouge said...

Wow, that is some gorgeous colourway there! Definitely finger lickin' good!!

jardinrouge said...

Just thought I add a suggestion for this gorgeous finger lickin' yarn...gloves!!!