Sunday, February 13, 2011

Me-Me Finished

Thanks so much for my 12mo BOY prize. I found a Shawlette pattern that I will use it for. The yarn is Panda Silk DK, which is what the pattern calls for. I found it on Ravelry. Love that site!!!

Me, me, me KAL
I made the mittens I needed, and blogged about them a week or so ago. Now, the bathroom bathmat/rug is finished. It is crocheted, using two strands of dishcloth cotton. One end is narrower, because I ran out of one of the cones of cotton, and the new cone was a little thinner. I don't notice it when in use.

The rug measured about 24 x 36 before its bath. It's smaller now, but may get bigger in use. I used about 1226 yards of cotton. It weighs 1# 10 oz. It will olast much longer than anything I could buy. The store rugs keep losing their binding on the edges and cost more than the yarn I used. The only thing left on the bathroom remodel is to paint the radiator, which will wait until summer.

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