Tuesday, April 19, 2011

KWTP #2 - w/ my new all about me winnings

I loved the cotton twirl! I don't usually choose green but I loved the way variations in color and the final product.
The pattern was Tropical Lily . . . and it might be the first wearable the little darling thinks she might wear again after the initial modelling as its not "scratchy" hahaha
(I was worried the length was going to be short and added the purple band in some leftover cotton I had. . .which was good as I only had a tiny leftover ball of the cotton twirl)


adrienne said...

your pixs disappeared!!! did you delete them from flickr?

mostlymunchies said...

I dont know what in the world happened and I tried to edit like 10 times . . . I gave up and just reposted them- sorrrry