Monday, April 4, 2011

March Project, UFO

This was going to be my March project. It uses the gift yarn from Crystal Palace, two balls of Panda Cotton. Originally it was going to be socks for my husband, but he kept looking at the color dubiously, and finally said "Make them and maybe I will wear them. Otherwise you can give them away." Unfortunately, he has hobbit feet (EEEE) and no one else I know has that size feet. So the yarn decided it wanted to be a gift for one of son's friends who just had twins. Since they are only 5 pounds each, there would be time to make two sweaters, if they were not newborn size. I went hunting for patterns. Since this was CP yarn, I went to CP site and looked at patterns. The Panda Cotton Layette Set had a nice looking jacket in 6 months size, and the lace pattern was interesting but would not detract from the multicolor. Plus, it called for two balls of yarn, which was exactly the number I had. Jackpot! So it got started. Unfortunately, no circulars in the correct size showed up, but there were enough dps to manage - seven in the correct size - don't ask where the other ones in the sets are, they seem to be hiding. Sigh. Chugging right along, finding I have problems counting above twenty. Ah, well, frogging builds character, right? Got to the yoke, got all the pieces juggled together, and kept going - uh oh - suddenly there were no more yarn. It ran out, halfway through row 6 of the yoke - and there were only 22 rows in the yoke. Looked through stash - closest was KnitPicks Shine. That's the loose thread coming off. It is not a good match. This is going to the UFO pile until/unless I can find more of the yarn, Note: the UFO pile only has one thing on it, a jacket my MIL rejected for being too large. Since it was totally done, I did not have the heart to frog it, and since she died earlier this year, it will go to the Rehome pile instead. Ah, well, at least we got a refund on our state taxes - all of $16 - which can go for yarn.


adrienne said...

oh noes!!! what color/lot number? maybe one of us has a bit to share so you can finish that cute little sweater? i cannot believe you knit that all with dpns! you are seriously (fill-in-the-blank!)

aj said...

I haven't had the nerve to go looking for yarn yet - the sweater is still just hanging out of the scanner. It was Panda Cotton, Color 7191, Lullaby, Lot no. A. My gauge was dead on, but I did leave 6" tails for easy weaving, and the cast on was a knit one. Sigh. It was actually nice with the dps, as it folded neatly into sixths to fit into knitting bag. But yes, I am seriously {---}

And my son asked me today aren't you knitting something. Grrr! Regards, aj

Kate said...

The baby jacket is sweet. I think you were very wise not to make that yarn into man-socks.