Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blue Diamond Shawl

Blue Diamond Shawl
specifics: in CPY Panda Wool -- baby blue -- 2 full skeins(340 yds) -- maybe 2 yards left...
knit on size 5
Based on the pattern Arcadian -- free on Ravelry -- with the following changes
1. simple picot edging added -- over 6 stitches
2. neck edge done in a double seed stitch
Project can be found on Ravelry -- Blue Diamond Shawl

This, of course, came out much smaller than the original pattern -- since the original is done in worsted. HOWEVER, what it lacks in size, it totally makes up for in softness. I was really pleased with the yarn....amazingly soft, yet still retaining definition on the diamond lace pattern. I "sized up " the needles for better drape....and was pleased.
Finished pattern Folded up

detail and of course....wip!
I recommend both pattern and yarn!
Tracy Van Wormer


Mokihana said...

Wow, that's really pretty!!! Love all the photos!

tvanwormer said...

Thanks -- It was a gift for my mil -- too keep the ac draft off the back of her neck in church!! (She lives in Phoenix!)