Friday, July 29, 2011

Prime Time July -- puppy countdown

I'm thrilled that we're finally adding dogs to the family. I've been waiting a long long time for a puppy. Since we're in Europe for another year, we have a few more choices, and we'll come home with some that aren't that common in the US. I'm waiting for Grep, a Kooikerhondje (a Dutch spaniel), and Marc is looking for Trogdor, a Sarplaninac (a Serbian shepherd). It's a bit like a European bringing a Chinook or a Bluetick home. Anyway, I crocheted Grep a blanket this month. Almost a pound of acrylic held double, well over 500 yards (almost 1200 yards of single-strand). No way am I putting Mini Mochi or Sausalito in a puppy bed.

That's not my puppy. It's just gratuitous cuteness. But Grep will look something like that.