Monday, July 18, 2011

surprises for Fred and Chris for another primetime July entry

 We are honored that Elaine Fitzgerald named this croc cloth "Fred" and posted it on the year anniversary of the Kakadu crash. I made one for Fred and one for Chris as a token of our good fortune. I'll make one for the other two passengers as well.

As I was posting the croc cloth, I remembered that I hadn't posted the birthday red, white and blue ones. They are also an Elaine Fitzpatrick free pattern and easily knit in a day. The only one not her pattern is the multi colored Grandmother's Favorite.

The "rooster" made out of the bird pattern is also a free pattern and a quick knit, although fiddly. It is called "Happy Bird" and can be found on Ravelry.

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peacockmom said...

I just realized that in trying to clean up the spaces when I posted the pics, I deleted some. Grrrr...

I don't know if this counts for another entry. It does have more than the required minimumn yardage, but I messed up deleting the progress pics. OK with me, either way. Thought I'd post them for ideas for other knitters.