Friday, October 28, 2011



#1 - Slouchie, loosley based on the pattern Another Slouchie Hat made out of CPY Kaya in Flame ( 78 g.) Size 13 needles--Mods: cast on 64 sts sts, after ribbing, increased to 80. Pattern k4, p6 x 8… sl 4 knits on cable needles and wrap 3 times- slip to rh needle (do not knit) every 8 rows.decrease 1 stitch in purl section every other row until 12 sts remain. snip & run tail through all 12, and tie off.

#2 (which I actually knit first) followed the same pattern -- except made it a little longer. size 11 needles. (65g)

on Rav: Slouchies

A little short of the yardage, I added a headband based on Easy Cabled Headband about 17g of Kaya On Rav: Easy Cabled Headband Size 10 dpns

Total of 160g -- about 208yds
Cast on:10/27
Cast Off: 10/28

Tracy Van Wormer

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