Sunday, November 20, 2011

cables & bobbles

A little bit of fun to give away.....

First is Cabled Mitties made out of Universal Yarn Classic LP in Black Heather aboutfun to give away.
I made these a little longer...increased by 1 cable twist before starting the thumb gusset.
Knit November 18th & 19th
Used 70 g for 92 yards.
Size 9.5 needles
Rav site: Cabled mitts

Next is Cabled Mitties made out of Forest Greener's hand dyed Iceland Bulky in about
I made these pretty much according to the pattern.
Knit November 13 & 14th
Knit November 18th & 19th
Used about 45g for 68 yards.
Size 10 needles
Rav Site: mitties

Finally, a little hat to use up the rest of the Universal Yarn!
Used 40g -- 44 yds yards of loops & threads Charisma in Black, and remaining 30 g -- 40 yards of the Universal Yarn Classic LP ( (total of 84 yds)
Needles: Size 10
knit on November 19th ( long car ride!!)

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