Sunday, December 21, 2008

cold and hungry

**** drawing *****
i have enough yarn to fill 3 priority boxes that i can mail [1 to a non-us addy, 2 in us]

to those who will use it to "knit for compassion" (charity).

example: our local food bank wants kidz hats - try eap flaps!
hospitals need baby hats - which are are fun and fast - with only 14-16 in around.
you'd get the box of yarn, and then knit it all up [is 3 mo deadline ok? negotiable possibly]
and take pictures and then donate. you ahve to be careful as some organizations want only machine washable yarn, like hospitals, others are open.

if more than 3 people email me proflauraATfirststepinternetDOTcom, i will pack all i have
and then ask Adrienne or Debi to draw names for me.

1 comment:

sailorcross said...

This would be a wonderful gift, but the organizations that I do charity knitting for require machine washable and dryable.

I do have an idea in my mind though that might just fit!!

I'll drop you an e-mail.