Tuesday, December 23, 2008

your favorite kal project?

come on, peoples!!!! deadline is approaching!!! leave a comment with your favorite projects. we have some prizes to give away!!!

we want to know which projects from the entire kal were your favorite ones.

so, pick 2 or 3 of your favorite projects and leave a comment in this post with the names of the project and the knitter. we will tally the votes and announce the winners.

in the spirit of "sharing the wealth," previous prize winners will receive the "honor" of favorite project and all the accolades; but the actual prize will be given to the next person in line who has not yet won anything.

prizes are being donated by laura. "top" place winner will get first choice. thank you, laura.

TWO more winners...

deadline for voting is wedneday, december 17th. ***voting extended to monday december 22th!***

and please, keep sharing your projects here.
p.s from laura. i'm not intending to preach or to sound "high-horse" but only to share my pain. this world-wide economic crisis is affecting so many, including charities. i have been giving a lot of yarn to local charities - calico cat sells and donates to humane society, senior center uses to help feed others, etc.
"hidden poverty"... starving.. children who may not have Christmas ... appalling Zimbabwe.. my friend the Dean at KSU is giving charitable donations as gifts. so thoughtful!
frankly, some of our relatives don't even say packages arrived or thanks. we discussed not sending anything, but of course sent nice small special gifts anyway. GIGGLE- we found candy coal to send too! along with a plastic raindeer who poops chocolate!!

anyway -
**** CONTEST ***** i have enough yarn to fill 3 priority boxes that i can mail
[1 to a non-us addy, 2 in us] - to those who will "knit for compassion" (charity). our local food bank wants kidz hats - try eap flaps!
baby hats are fun and fast - with only 14-16 in around. ****
if more than 3 people email me proflauraATfirststepinternetDOTcom, i will pack all i have
and then ask Adrienne or Debi to draw names for me.


Cathy said...

My favorite was the "seven little trees" by vegan craftastic. They were creative, Christmasy and very cute!

VeganCraftastic said...

My vote goes for the Panda Soy mitts (the one that was in the running for favorite CPY project) but I can't find the post that says who made them.

kadezmom said...

Okay, this was a tough job as there were so many cool projects, however here are my top three:

Radka's Norweign gloves
Steph's Christmas Tree Doily
Debi's frog slippers.

Y'all are full of surprises. Thanks for so much fun.

jdhforjc said...

Radka's Fair Isle gloves, rachel's Clapotis scarf, Vegancraftastic scarf ars my top three.
Katie likes all of the animal slippers and the candy corn bags and her first blanket!

drlaura said...

After checking the projects many times and trying to keep my choices to your
required 2 or 3, I would like to vote for:
Puppy slippers by Debi
Adrienne's mitered windowpane socks
Christmas stocking by Molly
Norwegian gloves by Radka

I had to nudge in the 4th and easily could have added several more! :) I
based my votes on workmanship, choice of yarn with the pattern, and

Cheers from Oz-

maz said...

-Debi´s awesome slippers, all of them
- Radka´s Norwegian gloves
- Alma´s Henry scarf

rita said...

Radka's Norwegian Gloves--exquisite! I will never in my lifetime be able to knit anything as beautiful as those gloves.

Knitting Linguist--Spiraluscious Mitts. I'm ordering the pattern now; they're exactly what I've been looking for.

Rachel said...

I like the norwegian gloves by Radka

Steph said...

I love Radka's Norweign gloves and Knitting Linguist's Mitts.
It's hard to choose...everyone made so many lovely things! :)


knittingchic said...

I like the Norweign gloves

drlaura said...

laura's vote -
debi's frogpond slippers
kala's holiday trees
radka's gloves

but i'd love to pick all of them as every single project inspired & encouraged me!

Turtle said...

my fav overall were the Radka's Norweign gloves, maybe just partial to them!

adrienne said...

i made a list and misplaced it. finally found it back. i loved everybody's projects so it was hard to pick just a few as favorites.

1. any of debi's critter slippers
2. kala's christmas trees-so creative
3. julie's dragon...as i have a son who loves dragons

drlaura said...

my 2nd vote - ok, it doesn't count, but i can still drool can't i?
i love Kala's skull scarf - wouldn't wear or give to my dh, but i like the pockets and i can see it'd be a fun gift!
i love adrienne's "turn a square hats" and plan to knit one for my dh.

i love the monkey socks in PC
and Maz's sweater for her husband - knit so nicely it looks like machine or store sweater!