Saturday, March 14, 2009

scarf "to be continued"...

I discovered another 45 gms of my hand spun Polwarth that I dyed using the same technique (splash and play with yellow and blue and swirl in the dye pot while poking with wooden spoon) and although it is a bit lighter in color, I think I will try and crochet and edging on the scarf to soften it a bit and make it large enough to wear without the jacket while in my bobbin lace class. Kind of like a very small shawl. I'll post final pic and yardage in a few days (I hope). I have no idea how much of the 225 yds I found it will take.

I'm still LOL about my crummy little scarf having been posted right after the spectacular Autumn in New York shawl. What was I thinking?!

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NotJustLaura said...

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed browsing through your knitting blog. To me, a good knitting blog is one that makes you want to grab your needles and *knit*! I've not done much knitting this year - too much reading and work - but I'm now feeling inspired :)