Saturday, March 14, 2009


Hi, here are my finished ufo's so far. CPY baby socks and Homespun purse. Owen love the socks but, he just wants to eat them. Thank you, for the wonderful pattern. And thanks Susan for the Olympic winnings! I so love the purse too. It was sitting around for at least three years and home moves! I love the contrasting handles too. It is perfect for my patterns and projects. I will be using it for a long time. Thanks for getting my ba-doobies in gear to do these things!
Toddler socks 25% done (basically co and ribbing was done)
CPY Panda Soy sock yarn in Cocoa Mint
first winnings Olympic KAL
Black purse 75% done (handles, lining, edging and tons of weaving in yuck)
Homespun yarn and made up in my head rectangle pattern
New project ??? 25% done, Regia socks (okay less than 25%, but started!)
P.S. what is the cut off date for the ufo KAL?

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