Friday, July 24, 2009

I've lost my mind...but that really isn't a shocker.

I lost my ever living bear with me, the explanation is coming. It still may not make sense, but it's mine, it made sense to me at the time and I will defend my insanity until the very end. I decided not only to participate in the Tour KAL, but I thought I'd make as many pairs representing the different jerseys as possible. Now, not every pair met qualification. The green pair meet regulations (and anti-doping says that it tested clean as well) Meets all criteria. It's my entry for the Tour de France Kal.....I'm not sure if it's going to be named Mark Cavendish or Thor Hershov (I just killed his name, sorry Thor, but I'm tired and I am NOT surfing the answer tonight. Maybe Monday.)

The rest of the socks are collectively my entry for the July Kal. In there is the We are the World flag socks (and yes, I started those right after MJ died - I really thought I was clever there for a moment, now I find it cheesy, but it is what it is) The plain white pair apperar to be the Andy Schleck socks, the white with red beads are Pilotti (again, name massacare) and the teal pair with gold beads are Team Astana Rolling Thunder (rolling thunder being the name of the pattern). The shades aren't quite right, but that was my intent as I knit them along. There will be no yellow. I frankly ran out of time. I am spending all weekend at an outdoor swim meet, and I'm not going to mess up some great yarn I ordered just to finish in time. Meanwhile, most of the knitting was, in face, in front of Versus' coverage of the Tour. I also challenged my slim and trim challenged body to ride my exercise bike 10% of the race distance....on level 1 (little resistance). I'm pretty sure I have my mileage done as well, so what can I say, this is a great weekend.
The finished photo is to follow.

Night all!
the crazy one :D


maz said...

Hi, I am absolutely impressed by your achieving that fitness goal!!!
The region where I live is rather flat and that is why I try to use my bike as often as possible. ANY hill would stop me.

kadezmom said...

Which is why I ride in my living room *wink* I have hills in almost any direction (and big roads I avoid on the other) Thank you very much. I was pretty proud of myself.

jdhforjc said...

Oh, I am so there with you. Started walking just as the temp got to 100 degrees in humid Oregon weather! What did you think of the race last week? I never vote for jimmie and he won! Poor Pablo (thought he was gonna do it too!)
P.S. oops wrong group he,he.

kadezmom said...

Jody - yeah, but I'm a nascar nut. Did the tour suck you in like Nascar does? I was actually for Juan Pablo. I don't think he gets the credit he deserves. Lord knows he's not driving the best machinery out there. Kudos to you for walking! I've been trying to mix up the biking, walking and swimming. Yesterday I got in over my head at the state park. WAY hillier than I expected. It's always something! Did you find a solution to your sock blocker delimna? I've been using the cut up placemats. They work. How do you feel about a midnight stroll? It might be reasonably temped around then!