Wednesday, October 14, 2009

done with ONE!

actually, this would be my second holiday knit but it is the first one to count for the kal.

traveling woman shawlette

mini mochi in violets rainbow
us size 6 needles

my first holiday knit would be these rainbow socks for my niece with the short row heels from h*ll! i must have knit the heel on the left sock at least 15 times if not more (5 days worth of knitting) before i finally got a heel i could live with. the right sock took me no less than 3 tries. funny, the yarn survived all that torture.

rainbow socks

deborah norville serenity in aquamarine
us 1 and 1.5 needles

and to make life even harder for myself, i decided that the socks had to be mirrored. yes, i did.

socks- 0
adrienne - a PAIR!!!!!!

now, don't nobody mention nuttin about short row heels in my presence. i don't wanna know.

1 comment:

kadezmom said...

You TELL those socks who is boss! Nice PAIR!