Wednesday, October 14, 2009

update on Holiday KAL#1 plus start of project #2

These socks are becoming my nemesis. I know I'll love them ultimately but it's taking me longer to knit this pair of socks then it did my very first sock 8 years ago. Now maybe part of the problemmight be the fact I drove 20 hours over 3 days this past weekend and then spent one of those days on a college campus tour with my oldest son; hence, I didn't have as much knitting time as usual. But I'm finally on to the heel flaps for these socks. So I thought I show you all my progress and maybe that will help me finish them.

But because I'm hating working on these socks right now I started another project. Normally I'm a very monogamous knitter. So last knit I took to bed with me my very first hand spun yarn and decided I'd make a hat with it. I'm designing the hat from the top down as a very basic hat for my youngest son, who thinks I'm doing a charity knitting project so I can do it in front of him since it's a Christmas gift. The definitely over spun and varies widely in diameter, so I'm unspinning it slightly as I knit it. When I finished the first ball last night, it looked more like the top of a tam, so I unraveled 5 rows this morning and took out the last set of increases and tried again. So here's a picture of it. If all goes well, that will be finished tonight and I'll go back to my socks yet again.

-Sarah (Cibola on Ravelry, where I need to put my last 4 projects and accompanying photos)

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