Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2 done! another one started....

finished the lacy baktus a while ago but never got around to taking a picture of the finished shawlette until today.

lacy baktus
str lightweight in turquoise

knitting all these shawlettes made me itchy to design my own...so the str that i was originally going to use for a gathered scarf, and then a multnomah was repurposed for this new project...

nonameyet shawlette
str lightweight in a raven colorway millend

i am in the process of writing up the pattern. yeah, right! debi laughs at me but i do get maximum play value with my yarn! you wanna see the noro thing?! nay...

and i have an idea for an "infinity" scarf. here is the start.

mini mochi in neptune
(my 2nd favorite color which i still can't photograph to true intensity or color)

oh, my new favorite color?! susan guessed that i would like this better than neptune....it's #110, jungle. almost like the neptune but toned down just a little. you need to see it in real life!!!!!

you all are NOT disappointing me a bit. i am so loving all your projects. remember, we will be giving away one prize for every 10 finished projects posted!!!!

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