Sunday, December 20, 2009

Adrienne's Pattern complete.

But, before I get there had to show off Nemo. Took me a while to figure out which fin was "special". I don't have any little ones around here. Funny looking "nose" is the short rows for the body guess it does not like the angle. Also cocked the eyes on purpose.

Another view of Nemo. Was a fun knit from

Drum roll..........

My completed socks by Adrienne Fong.

These remind me of years ago my Grandma's Garden. Complete with all the climbing roses.
I am sure Adrienne will put her 2 cents in here so will let her tell you the name and when this pattern will be public.

Finished 3 more pairs of clogs/slippers, but will not bore you with them. I think it is like over 30 pairs I have done this year.

Off to finish off one more pair of socks before the big day.

Happy Hollydazes.......


Calophi said...

Lovely projects! I love how you made the hat a clown fish. I want one for myself. I like to take pictures of myself in strange headgear. XD

I like the yarn you did for the socks. I was thinking about doing one of her other patterns for striped yarn, but this one looks really neat. Maybe I'll wait and just not have it count for this month's SKA. =D

peacockmom said...

Wonderful projects. I sure am looking forward to seeing your knitting this coming year. It is always inspiring. I've been wanting to make that hat and might just do it this year for our fisherman friend.
Love the socks, too. Great yarn choice for a beautiful pattern. I hope Adrienne makes this pattern public SOON! :)

jdhforjc said...

wow! Nathan and katie love that movie! Cute fishy! Plus, the special fin!
yeah, my computer is working again!

jdhforjc said...

Nathan wants me to knit both of them!

adrienne said...

cock-eyed on purpose, yeah! right!

drlaura said...

Nemo is adorable!
[so are the socks]