Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Adrienne's shawlette (no name yet) + Lulu

I call this my Dandie shawl and used the Unique Sheep peacock gradiance yarn I frogged from the Traveling Woman shawl I knit earlier this year (my binding off was way too tight). I knit 2 repeats of the pattern and will do another one in shawlette size doing one repeat of each chart. Adrienne posted hers in shawlette size.
The ultramarine Lulu by designer Birgit Freyer is CPY bamboo wool and has a great drape for this pattern. It took almost exactly 2 skeins (2 gms leftover).
I'm adding another pic of Georgia Peach (my fav model) having fun with the mini-mochi shawlette (Evelyn Clark "wildflower" scarf) in Neptune being "babushka girl". Note the coloring of the Neptune and the peacock gradiance. :)
I wanted you to see them finished and had to wait for my friend to bring her granddaughter and her camera. You can see why I call her my "Peach" and she is as polite and sweet as she is lovely.
Happy holidays to all of you from way down under here at Peacock Paradise xoox

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drlaura said...

i have to say i enjoy your dedication to that gorgeous color!