Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb socks finished + Olympic project

I finished the 2nd Rainbow CPY bamboo cotton sock last night. My most fav socks ever for fit, softness of the yarn and enjoyment knitting. Adrienne Fong's pattern. Wonderful combo of the pattern and yarn. I've already decided to make many socks in this yarn when I can get some sent to me. :) Taking a break from the other pair of Rainbows in the Amerika yarn for the Olympics KAL.
I'm showing a pic I just took of my Olympics project. The restraint and discipline needed not to begin early has caused a lot of "reward" chocolate to be consumed. I took an insert from Fred's suitcase and have had this "package" on our sofa table ready to go and not get "lost in a safe place" which can happen around here more than I'd like to admit.
The afghan shown is one I knit for our anniversary a couple of years ago. It still hasn't been blocked since Fred loves using it so much. I DID take off as many corgi hairs as I could in honor of the pic, really! Our own Dr. Laura designed it and it is one of my most favorite knitted projects.
When it gets a bath and is blocked, I will show it with another finished project.
Happy knitting up there from way down under here at the peacock palace in paradise

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