Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March Finish

Double knit hat - blue is public side and orange is private side, at least until I change my mood.

Finished for now, at least. It's in use - there was snow here last weekend. I'll probably rip it down and rework the top this summer, as it did not taper as smoothly as I had hoped.

The dragon is an adaptation of MMario's Lung Wang Dragon, and the rune on the back is (hopefully) a Norse rune for household prosperity.

Once again, a learning experience - this was not a good bus riding project. It is made a bit large on purpose, as I was not sure of the size (gauge, hah, I don't need no stinking gauge) so it can be fulled at a later time. It is definitely warm. And only two ends to weave in - definitely a plus.


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adrienne said...

wonderful! my son would love the dragon.

you want his head size?! =D